Midlife blocks the fitness- free your mind

The age never barred and never will when it comes to staying fit; it is the mind which doesn’t favour the fitness of the body.  Human muscle get loosen with the age and it also weaken the bone. It is common to give up on exercise and other physical activities when you reach age of 40 and above.  Boredom takes place and transition scale moves up and you feel discontentment. You need to train your mind to perform regular exercise.The fitness that running brings to your muscle is not possible through any other activity. Treadmill equipment like Nordictrack Elliptical will create good difference in your life it will strengthen all your muscle.


The midlife will not only keep you away from physical fitness but also get you closer to the disease.  Midlife crisis last more in men than a women and the risk of cancer is high during this period.  Cardio is the best way to the physical fitness and nordictrack x9i is wonderful equipment which you can bring to your room and to your life.

Thinking that others are more successful than you, feeling of regret for the decision in your life, panicking for the small change in your body or health are the sign of midlife crisis. Ask yourself, “What is that will create excitement in you? “, “What will make you look better?” the answers to the question will definitely keep you going in your life without any discrepancy.

  • Throw away all the anxiety and simply adapt a fresh routine which you never followed.
  • Love yourself & keep yourself in shape, try on the clothes never fitted you and then shed some weight.
  • Skip your kitty party and join the jogging gang.
  • Eat fresh and raw vegetables, follow a proper diet.
  • Take your pet out for a walk, join with your kids in their activities.
  • Set new goal and plan to achieve it in the crazy way possible.
  • Exercise regularly, practise yoga to keep your mind and body fit.

Keeping yourself physically fit and mentally strong will help you to live longer and healthier.  Below are the best exercises for women in midlife:

Aerobic- You need to follow moderate and vigorous activity. This means anything that makes your heart pump faster. Start out with a list of physical activities you enjoy; such as swimming, walking, playing throw ball or cricket in the lawn.

Muscle training- Like mentioned before we begin to lose muscle mass as we age, muscle burns more calories while they are at rest so strength them which are crucial for middle-aged and older adults.

Abdominal- During midlife, women face challenges through menopause, the hormonal changes in women and she experience during this period can lead to weight gain. To prevent this include extra exercises that work the abdominals. Try bicycle or crunches.

Having a good fitness is a part of good lifestyle combined with trendy treadmill equipment from Nordictrack will certainly help in long term.





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