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There are days when nothing works, and tech does little more than complicate your life. We still haven’t gotten to a point where it all just works. Computers, smartphones, and tablets are not yet appliances that one can just take for granted. That said, the key is to find ways to get technology to work for you, rather than feeling like you are working for technology.

There are plenty of ways to bring your office into the 21st century. A modern computer, high-speed internet service, and VoIP technology are good starts on the project. But making things more modern doesn’t always make things easier. You don’t just want to add technology. You want to add technology that offers tangible improvements in your workflow. Here are a few such tech enhancements to consider:


External Hard Drives

An external hard drive can be a road warrior’s best friend. There are few things worse than one’s hard drive failing during business travel. Your presentation, spreadsheets, and clever jokes well-placed for releasing tension are all on that laptop’s drive. Death by travel is a common hard drive affliction. Whatever was on that drive is gone. And you are not getting it back, at least, not in time to do you any good.

External drives are the backup solutions that can save your bacon in a pinch. You can borrow a laptop, hook up your external drive with all your data, and you’re back in business. These external drives are so small and inexpensive that there is no reason not to have two in your bag.

Remember, external hard drives can fail just like the one in your laptop. One external hard drive recovery service provider reminds you of three ways hard drives typically fail:

  • Physical failures
  • Electronic failures
  • Logical failures

Sometimes the platters grind to a halt. Sometimes, electrical surges are the culprit. And a lot of the time, the problem is software related. Hard drive recovery is a hard computer science problem that requires the skill of recovery professionals. Never count on just one drive for mission critical work. Grab an external drive or two. It’s tech that makes life easier and better.


Use an iPad or Chromebook

The iPad and Chromebook offer simplified computing experiences that allow the vast majority of people to get their work done without the hassles of a full Mac or Windows PC. The reason The Microsoft Surface Book, and other Windows-based 2 in 1 computers aren’t recommended is that they are typical, Windows-based computers. They are not a different category with less complexity. They are the same beast as any other Windows laptop. The detachable screen only adds complexity, not remove it.

The sleep of death bug has once again, struck purchases of Microsoft’s premium Surface Book line. These are the kinds of things we have come to expect from boxes with Intel inside running Windows. These types of problems are practically unheard of with iPads and Chromebooks.

There are some tasks that can be done with a PC that can’t be done on an iPad or Chromebook. But those tasks are not a part of the standard workflow of the typical user. Most people never need to do the tasks that are beyond the reach of iOS and Chrome OS. You might well discover that a simpler computing platform will make your life both easier and more productive.


Wireless Headphones

If iPhone 7 rumors are to be believed, it’s time to make the transition to wireless headphones. For travelers, it’s past time. Airplanes no busses are cramped enough without adding the frustrations of headphone wires. Because you have to wind constantly and unwind these chords, headphones need to be frequently replaced.

With wireless headphones, you don’t have that single point of failure. Your headphones can’t be yanked off by the wire every time you move. The chord doesn’t get into your food while you eat. And you don’t have to worry about your chord not being long enough.

Ad tech that makes your life easier, such as external hard drives, simplified computing platforms, and wireless headphones.


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