My Favourite Apps for Travel

When it comes to technology and travel, I’m a great believer that the two of these things go hand in hand. While I’ve definitely cut myself off from technology in order to make myself experience more of the culture around me (and deal with the fact that there was little wifi in places like Myanmar), there a few apps I rely on every day when I’m exploring overseas, and here are just a few:


Google Maps

This is a must when I’m exploring a new city, and even if I don’t have a sim card or wifi I can use it to get around by loading up a map and then following the little GPS dot to get from place to place. Google Maps is invaluable overseas, and as someone who can’t navigate to save my life, I’m a great believer in letting Google do it for me until I know my way around a neighbourhood.

Free Wifi Finder

I use this app when I haven’t bought a sim card but know I’ll need wifi. Basically, it will hunt down free wifi hotspots for you to use in different cities around the world- keeping you connected while you’re on the go. Since many of these wifi connections are unlocked, don’t log into your bank accounts or access any sensitive information while you’re using them.


Trover displays images that are geo-tagged, meaning you can search a city and find nearby places, attractions and sights that you wouldn’t otherwise see. This is good for people who like to crowdsource information, and those who like to be a little more spontaneous or are staying in a city for a long time and want to get a little off the beaten path.


Trail Wallet

I’m hopeless at currency conversions, so when I’m on a budget and trying to figure out if a new destination is a good choice, I’ll use Trail Wallet. You can choose whatever currency you like, and it will convert it to your home currency- meaning you can keep track of how much you’re spending each day.


I love to keep all of my flights and reservations in one place, and Tripit makes it easy. You simply forward your information to the app’s email address, and it stores it all in a handy itinerary- often with maps and booking numbers to make things easy for you at the other end.

Gate Guru

Gate Guru is particularly good for those travelling through the United States, and it can give you a good lowdown on a whole airport or just the terminal you’re flying into or out of. Whether you’re looking for coffee, toilets, food, an ATM, or your gate, Gate Guru can help you quickly get the lay of the land.

Need more app inspiration? Load up your phone before your next trip and practice using the apps before you arrive. Check out this post for more information about the best apps for your next adventure.

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