No Carbs Before Marbs, And Other Vacation Lifehacks For Spain

So if you are lucky enough to have the chance to spend a vacation in Spain, you will probably be wondering how to get the most out of your visit. Lucky for you, there is a guide below that you can check out that will give you all the lifehacks that you need to have an awesome time.

Get yourself in party shape

So one of the most well-known places for partying and generally having a wonderful time in Spain is that fantastic resort of Marbella. This is located in the south of Spain and has been made super famous as the UK reality show, The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) films, their summer specials there. If you would like to read more about this show and all of the drama that goes with it, click here for some more information.

One of the TOWIE slogans for the show was ‘no carbs before Marbs.’ Which basically summed up all the work they workers doing with their diet and gym. So they could look their best when they arrived.

If you are visiting Marbella, then take a leaf out of their book and make sure you are toned and tanned too. Then you will look you about best in your swim gear when you arrive. Remember you won’t want to be put off partying because you feel self-conscious.

Don’t forget your sun cream

Another vital tip is you want to have a successful holiday in the south of Spain, is that you absolutely have to take sun cream.

That oil with a UVA protector of 2 is just not enough! This part of Spain is particularly warm and sunny. So if you intend to spend any time outdoors at all, then you will need at least a factor 15 depending on your skin type. If your are particularly pale or have the kids with you, then you will need an ever stronger formula.

Remember people it’s just not worth the risk! Sunburn can be super painful and lead to sunstroke too! Plus you don’t want to burn and miss out of all games down on the beach!

Pack light

Another vital tip for surviving your Spanish holiday is that you need to remember to pack light. A wardrobe of light summer clothes that can be easily washed and dried is much more appropriate for locations like Marbella, and The Costa Del Sol. It is will also keep your luggage weight and cost down too. So it’s a winner all around.

Stay off the Sangrias


While Marbella, in particular, is known for being a fun destination and having a party atmosphere, it can be useful and a little healthier to stay off the booze in the day. Especially the Sangria!

The problem with this drink is that is it is fruity and refreshing, and you can easily forget that there is alcohol in it. Combine this with high temperatures and dancing, and you aren’t going to last too long. So pace your alcohol intake during the day for the best results.

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