No Degree? You Can Still Work In Medicine!

Perhaps it was always your dream to work as a doctor or a nurse. But college was too much, and by the second year, you had decided to drop out. Or, maybe during school you never received good enough grades to pursue your career of becoming a doctor. For a few years now, you’ve been working in an industry that you have no passion for or interest in. That’s a horrible situation, and if you still want to work in medicine, there are ways you can. Even if you don’t have a degree, these roads are open to you.


Driving, Saving Lives And Earning Money

Your first option to consider is working as a paramedic. As a paramedic, you’ll be the first one on the scene of an accident. You will also be expected to perform emergency procedures such as CPR and resuscitation. It’s a tense, often dangerous job but it’s one that’s incredibly rewarding. Better yet, you don’t need a degree for this position. Instead, you can get training through a one-year course that is open to virtually anyone who applies. Once you have all the training as a paramedic, you can earn anything up to thirty thousand per year. A paramedic’s job might not be quite as life changing as working as a doctor, but it’s certainly not boring.

Drawing Blood

If you hate blood, this probably isn’t the job for you. Then again, if you’re that squeamish you probably shouldn’t be thinking about a career in medicine at all. On the other hand, if you’ve never had a problem watching someone draw blood or love donating, this could be a great choice. Essentially, you’ll be required to draw blood and then take it for testing. You can examine whether there is any sign in the blood that there is something wrong with the patient. This is the simplest work you can do in a hospital, and it’s not something you need a degree for. Just get some onsite training, and you’ll be ready for work in a few months. Have a look phlebotomy job vacancies to get started on this career path.

Getting To Know Patients

Are you interested in the social aspect of the medical industry? Doctors, on average, spend about two minutes talking to a patient. So, if you were hoping you’d make a connection with people in the medical industry, you might be in for a shock. Someone who has more chance to talk with and get to know patients is a porter. A porter’s role require them to move patients from different wards and rooms in the hospital. They need to be friendly, caring and patient. They might also need to have some experience as a first aider since they will be working with vulnerable people.

In The Operating Room

We bet you had no idea there’s a job you can complete in medicine that allows you in the operating room without a degree. But there is. Don’t get the wrong idea, you’re not going to have your hand in a patient’s chest. You will, on the other hand, be monitoring the heart machine as a cardiograph which is just as important. Any change in a heartbeat, doctors need to be alerted immediately.

You see, you can still work as a medical professional, even without the best qualifications from a top university.



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