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There is a thought we all share, one we do our best to ignore in favor of ignorance being bliss. But no matter how hard we try and shut it out, it still niggles and wriggles at the back of our brains, lurking in the deepest, darkest nooks and crannies. That question is what sort of creepy-crawlies could be hiding in my home?

What could be under the floorboards, or in the sofa, the office or even the bathroom?

Of course, you would like to answer that question with a self-assured none, thank you very much. However, that would probably be an incorrect answer. Pests infest most homes. Sorry, but they do. However, below is an extensive guide we have compiled to help shed light on this issue and tell you what types of pest you are most likely to meet and where you are most liable to find them; enjoy (for want of a much better word).



Find a mouse – or a mischief of mice – in your humble abode can be one of the most severe accidents any of us come across. It could be you heard a scuttle in the walls a few days back and have been on the lookout since, or it could be a total surprise to see one scramble across the kitchen tiles before disappearing under the fridge; either way, mice are not uncommon.

However, before you shrug off any mouse-sighting and claim such pests are harmless and cute, there are a few things you should know. The first regards disease. Mice are notorious and efficient disease-spreaders, and that is because they infest areas linked with food, typically kitchens and storerooms in their hunt for a better life, a life of food and shelter. These diseases tend to be either Salmonellosis or Hantavirus.

But this isn’t the only issue. Mice damage places. How? Well, mice have claws and teeth, and they use these claws and teeth by gnawing at everything from pipes to insulation to doors and floorboards and wires and anything else that gets in their way.



Anyone who thinks they are too small to have an impact on the world needs to try getting into bed with a bed bug; that’ll change their perspective. If you have bed bugs in your house you need to get rid of them quicker than you can snap your fingers. Seriously, go online and speak to immediately. Like right now. We mean it. Bed bugs don’t just cause a physical irritation through biting and thus your scratching. These little things will also be the catalyst for an unbearable amount of stress. Dealing with a parasite of this nature, one that can ruin weeks of sleep and comfort, can wreak havoc on your emotional wellbeing. Trust us. And what’s more, bed bugs are on the rise. No one knows why this is, but it’s a known fact that these little suckers like to travel in luggage and clothing, and with travel being more accessible than ever, bed bugs are jumping at their chance to see the world.



Sure, there are benefits to having spiders occupy the dark corners of your home, such as their love of eating flies and mosquitoes. However, there are downsides too. Of course, where in the world you live determines what species of spider may come crawling out from under your sofa, but there are over 30,000 known species in the world. Some of these are venomous. Some of them have irritable hairs. Others are deadly. And we all react differently to different ones. But even if you reside in a country where spiders are relatively harmless, somewhere like the UK, people’s inherent fear of them can cause severe distress. We know individuals who are so scared of spiders for no reason other than inherent reasons that, when they find a spider in their home, will get a glass and a piece of tissue, and then burn their house down.


Woodworm is a weird one because it covers a broad range of wood-loving beetles. In short, woodworm is the larvae of any wood-eating beetle. What happens is, adult beetles crawl inside the cracks in wood and lay their eggs there. This could be ceiling beams, floorboards, office furniture; anything, which is why woodworms can be such a nightmare for both homes and offices (and especially those who have an office in their home!). It is important to note that, while any wood can get affected, it is mainly damp wood that is affected most, so if you are suffering from this kind of pain in the backside, it is crucial you investigate any damp issues first. Then you can crack on with using a healthy level of chemical insecticides. Yeehaw.


Being humans – and thus warm-blooded creatures – we tend to live in homes that we keep warm. The problem is, cockroaches adore warm homes and, more specifically, kitchens, bedrooms and wall cavities. Yummy. What’s even more disturbing is, they usually only venture out of their bunks at night (or when it is dark, at least), which means we may not even know we’re sharing a space with the little pipsqueaks. This can be very bad for you, though, because cockroaches are known to be brilliant couriers of disease. They love carrying diseases, especially Salmonella and Dysentery and stuff – stuff that poses serious health risks to the likes of you and I. The other physical health annoyance they encourage are things like eczema and asthma, which are kickstarted by cockroach poop. Gross. Gross. Gross.

But if this isn’t bad enough, getting rid of them is a total nightmare because these things are tough. There are rumours they could withstand a nuke. Oh, and did we mention that they also love to breed. They breed fast. It’s like that film Evolution. These things just explode when it comes to breeding, which is why it is critical that you call in the professionals when it comes to solving your roach issue. Only can a professional combat every stage of their hardcore lifecycle and give you that good night sleep you need so badly.



Oh, how nice it is to live in a place with nothing but sun, sun and more sun. But wait, there is a huge issue that comes with such a life; ants. Ants love sunny climates, and ants get everywhere. But even those of you who live in cooler places can still be affected, especially by the Black and Garden variety of ant. Sure, they don’t carry diseases like most other pests, but that’s not to say they don’t come without a health warning. Ants travel a lot. They walk everywhere. They are soldiers, teeny-tiny soldiers that forage in all sorts of dodgy places; so the idea of these ants then walking across your kitchen and over your food is pretty rank. This is where the major health concern comes in. This is where you are at risk.

To counter this, you should clean any surfaces of food (especially if they are sweet and sticky foods), hide them away and cover them and then search for their entry point into your house. This will look like a small hole, or a series of holes, on the outside of the building. Seal it off. Once this has been done and you are certain you’ve located the origin of entry, call the professionals and let them do what they do best, which is pests. This is a surefire way to ensure peace is restored in your life once more.

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