No One Tells You About These Consequences Of A DUI

We all know the main devastating effects of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. It can be very dangerous and can even result in death. Not only that, though, but the driver can be given a DUI. This is a serious criminal offense and will stay with you through life. The DUI brings its own consequences with it. Here are some that no one likes to mention.

Jail Time

Most people assume that the penalty for a DUI is a fine. But sometimes, it can end in jail time. Of course, this all depends on the state in which you carried out the offense. But around half of all the states punish some DUIs with jail time, even if it is the offender’s very first conviction. Thankfully, though, they can be for as little as one day. You should expect this jail time to increase if it is your second or third DUI. If you do have to serve time in jail, don’t be shocked if you are also served with a fine. The best way to keep your jail time and fine down to a minimum is to hire a phenomenal DUI lawyer.


Trackers For Your Car

Almost every DUI offender will have to have an Ignition Interlock Device attached to their car once they are allowed to drive again. This machine can detect alcohol, just like a breathalyzer does. You will need to breathe into the device in order to start your car. However, if it detects alcohol on your breath, then you won’t be able to start the car at all. Once you are driving, you will have to continue breathing into the Ignition Interlock Device at random intervals.

Interstate Consequences

Back in the day, you were able to get off from being convicted of a DUI if you moved to a different state. But these days, the Driver’s License Compact and National Drivers Registry help to prevent that from happening. So now if you commit a DUI offense in one state, it will appear on the computers of all police stations across the country. So don’t think getting away with a DUI is as easy as moving house! Thanks to modern technology, that’s no longer the case.

Strained Family Life

If you commit a driving offense, you won’t be the only one affected by it. Especially if it is a DUI. Many family members tend to worry about DUI offenders. For some people, getting a DUI can be extremely out of character. This can lead to a strain on your relationship with your close ones. You might also find that some friends and relatives start to ask you questions about the incident. This can feel like an infringement of your privacy. Don’t forget that you don’t have to tell them anything you don’t want to. Just explain that it is none of their business.

Getting a DUI can affect the rest of your life. So make sure it doesn’t happen to you – don’t drink and drive.

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