NYE 2016: Party At Home Inspiration

NYE 2016 is less than a fortnight away, but I bet most of you are still yet to cement your plans. To be perfectly honest, I don’t blame you either.

Let’s face it, NYE has become a little stale in recent years. Club nights are no better than any other weekend of the year. Worse still, promoters still charge double or even treble the price. When you also factor in the costs and difficulties of getting home, it doesn’t seem worth the hassle. At least not for a very average night.


Besides, seeing in the New Year is about being with your loved ones. You don’t want to be stuck with a load of random strangers that you’ll never see again. Meanwhile, going to an adult event means that you don’t get to spend this important occasion with the little ones in your life. When done right, a home party is the cheaper and far more fun option.

If you are taking this route, then you must ensure that the home is prepared. Ensure that you’ve decluttered the rooms and given it a clean. Unfortunately, you’ll probably be required to give it another clean on New Year’s Day, but that’s not an excuse to leave it. Moreover, you should take the necessary steps to ensure that the property stays warm. In truth, this will benefit your family throughout the colder months anyway.

Conservatories are another great area to utilise. Or if the weather is pleasant enough, the garden can be a fantastic option too. In this case, you should look to utilise solar garden lights to keep the backyard sparkling and visible.

Wherever you conduct the bulk of the activities, there are a number of items to consider. Alcohol will play a major role for the adults, but you want something a little more exciting than a lager. This is a special night after all. These cocktail recipes should work a treat. Meanwhile, you could try non-alcoholic alternatives for kids and non-drinkers. Just make sure they don’t get mixed up!

Combine this with great party snacks, and your party will be a winner with adults and kids alike. Most supermarkets will have packs ready for the festive season, so this doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.


The great advantage of having a house party is that you can inject a little extra fun. Classic party games are a brilliant way to keep your guests entertained. That’s got to be better than standing around in a dark club feeling bored.

Another crucial aspect of the night is music. If your CD collection is looking a little dated, you can always stream tunes from Spotify. A NYE party without songs would feel weird. This is a must have essential.

While the party should be fun from start to finish, midnight is the key. You can celebrate this in style by letting fireworks off in the garden. Meanwhile, the whole group should be together to see in the New Year together. After all, this is one of the main factors for taking the home party option anyway. Just remember to keep an eye on the children. Nobody wants to start the New Year with a trip to the local Emergency Room.

Entertaining the guests is one thing, but you must also ensure that the home feels comfortable for them to use. Pay special attention to the bathroom. No guest wants to get caught short in an awkward situation. Meanwhile, you should be keen to lay down any ground rules (such as no smoking) from the off.

With these items in place, the party should be more fun than a night out at the local club. However, if you want to make it feel extra special, then one of the best tricks is to set a fancy dress theme. This will instantly encourage guests to get into the spirit of things. Furthermore, it makes it a lot easier for you to throw a few cheap decorations around the home too.

Finally, be willing to offer up sofas and floors for your guests. Most will be happy to take a taxi home, but it’s nice to have the option available. Likewise, you should be aware that children will need to sleep. Make one of the bedrooms comfortable for those little ones to rest, and you should be just fine.

And there you have it. A quick, easy and cheap NYE party that will be ten times more fun than the bland club nights. Happy New Year!


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