Old Is The New Young! How To Age Disgracefully

We all think that once we reach the grand old age of 60 or 70, our quality of life starts to suffer dramatically. We are all filled with doom and gloom. The end is nigh. But why are we like this? We only live once. Surely, we should celebrate this fact no matter how old or young we are. Here’s a few tips on how to be naughty but nice in our later years.


Look at Hugh Hefner. Yes you may not agree with his ethics but you have got to respect that he lives his life completely to the full. Look at Michael Caine and Angela Lansbury. They are still acting into their 80’s and 90’s and show no sign of retiring. They are a credit to their profession. They are great role models and many young stars aspire to be just like them. Do you really think they are filled with doom and gloom?

Yes, a lot of your mum’s and dad’s are in elder care and are happy being at home cosied up next to the warm fire but why not give them a treat every so often? Why not wrap them up warm and take them to the footy or even sink a few jars of booze at a whisky tasting session? How about taking them to a concert for a sit down or even a stand up boogie? Cliff Richard’s still going isn’t he? It will be just like the good old days.

A holiday might be a good idea too. Take a few days off work and treat them to an all inclusive hotel on the beach with plenty of sun, sea and sand. Have a G and T on the plane. Maybe 2. Why not? You only live once don’t you? Maybe sneak into that busy bar for a Sex On The Beach after a bit of tapas. Who cares if it’s full of young people? A bit of dancing is good for the heart, body and soul after all. Come 2 o’clock and you’ll feel like part of the crowd. Just watch your hip as you crowdsurf!


Alternatively, if you want something a bit more relaxing and a bit less go go go, how about a sensual spa day? Your mum will feel 40 years younger as she gets a full body massage. All her aches and pains will disappear in one fell swoop and she might even do that one extra lap in the pool before jumping into the jacuzzi and sweating it all off in the steam room.

Growing old doesn’t need to have negative connotations. It’s all about living for the day and making the most out of our short lives. So go round to theirs now for a cup of tea and a biscuit, maybe a slab of cake if you are lucky and tell them you’re whisking them away somewhere special. Keep it a surprise. You never grow too old for that. This is their day and my, how they’ll appreciate sharing it with you.


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