Older and Wiser: Understanding What Happens When You Turn 40

The perils of getting older are what we all know about. We get grey, we find it a bit harder to get up out of our chairs, and we seem to forget things a bit more than we used to. All of a sudden, our toolbox isn’t as sharp as it used to be anymore. Turning 40 is when you are almost at the mid-point of your life, you’re nearly at the mid-life crisis stage, but you’re not “young anymore.” The statistics nearly put you into middle-age, and now it is time to think about health issues that you might be prone to. But with a new decade comes a new lease of life. Life begins aF40 they say, and I think it’s true because here is what you begin to understand.

Providing For Future Generations Is A Two-Horse Race

If you have children, you need to provide the moral support as well as the essentials, like a roof over their head and food on the table. The essentials like life insurance are often talked about, and if you don’t have life insurance and you have young kids, it is best to have something in place should the unexpected arise. At the age of 40, you have, no doubt by now, been aware of your own mortality, so you need to provide for the next generation even if you aren’t around. There are policies for over-40’s and more cover information on insurance comparison websites. The other side of providing for your kids is about being there for them. Leading by example is the only way I can think to describe how to set future generations up for leading fulfilling lives. The dreaded tablet computer is taking away the notion of play in our children, so start to interact with them more! It will help build up their life resilience and not hide behind a screen. If you need more information, UK broker Reassured have written a comprehensive review on life insurance over 40, which may be of interest

Health Is More Important Than Anything Now

It was easier in your 20’s to eat your weight in cake and to go for a 6-mile run. In fact, it was probably the norm! But as your metabolism slows down and you begin to develop the middle age spread, it makes you think much harder about what you are putting in your mouth. Understanding the importance of a well-balanced meal will not only make you move easier, but it will make you feel better. You may begin to find that food intolerances will begin to creep up on you, so by taking the time to assess what foods make you sleepy or grouchy, you can make yourself optimise your performance, both physical and mental. This begins with the right diet. Finding the right diet for you is a case of trial and error, and there are many different approaches to take when it comes to food, but never under eat either! It is a fine balance to tread. You need enough energy to live your life too. I found that only eating carbs at night is a great way to help put me to sleep (avoiding it at lunch prevents the mid-afternoon lull) and it is your energy for the next day. The best fuel for your brain is fat, so by having high-quality olive oil, nuts and seeds, as well as some oily fish, will give you the boost without the feeling of flagging.

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