Optimising your website for business

Gone are the days when business websites were a mere afterthought, as a well-designed fully functioning website is now an essential part of any company’s endeavours in the 21st century.

So if you’re in the process of starting your own online operation, here’s a few essentials learned from the world of fashion, casinos and food and drink to help you create an attractive and inviting business website.


Branding your site

Making sure your website’s name is easy to remember and simple is a good first step. There’s a big reason as to why the online marketplace is filled with strange but memorable business names like Schpock and Kwoff, and it’s because they are unique and therefore relatively easy to find in Google’s search listings.

Keyword importance

This highlights the importance of search engine optimisation for any modern business website. A quick look at an American fashion website like Eat.Sleep.Wear reveals how the use of metatags and keywords not only helps the user find their way around the site, but it also subtly allows the site to rise up the search engine rankings too!


Site design

Whilst there are many simple website builders like WordPress and Blogger, it’s essential for your website to look professional in order to be taken seriously. That’s why resources like SquareSpace are great tools for helping to create a website that comes close to the sleek design aesthetic found at CasinoEuro that is an online casino from a Swedish operator that uses suitably slick graphics to maintain the perfect impression for its online casino gaming audience.

New developments

But of course it’s no longer enough to just have a relevant and helpful website, as the arrival of apps and social media has provided yet more digital ways to reach your target audience. Whilst building an app may sound like a big headache, there are resources like BuildFire that can provide you with a user-friendly app relatively simply. And obviously don’t be afraid of using social media on a daily basis to stay at the forefront of your audience’s minds – just be sure to keep your content relevant, interesting and fun!


Link your way to success

And finally, given the interconnected nature of the internet, one of the quickest ways to stand out from the pack is to make links with other websites. By having your business featured on another company’s website increases your perceived legitimacy and will also be spotted by Google’s search engines and help your business quickly rise up those all important search rankings!


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