Own a Pet? Here are the Top Pet-Friendly Venues in New York

If you live in New York, or you’re fortunate enough to have your own private jet or Air Charter Service, you have plenty of exclusive accommodations and fine dining experiences available for you to try. If, however, you own a pet, it’s likely that you’ll find it much more difficult to find a high-class and upmarket venue that’s also pet friendly.

Historically, pets have only been allowed in bars and pubs, however over the past few years it has become more and more popular for upmarket hotels and restaurants to welcome your furry friend as well. From outdoor restaurant terraces to hotel rooms, you can now take your pets with you to many of New York’s best venues.

Whether you’re looking for a nice sunny spot for lunch outdoors or a great place to rest your head, here are New York’s top pet-friendly venues:


The Quin Hotel

Located in Midtown, The Quin is a good choice for people who like music and art- due to its surrounding areas which include the Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Hall, and the Lincoln Centre. The Quin celebrates the artistic heritage of the hotel in all 28 suites and 208 guestrooms, and guests can make the most of the spa, drawing room, and fitness centre.

The best news? This is a hotel that accepts dogs weighing up to 20 pounds, and they’ll even enjoy a lovely Duxiana dog bed in the room as well.

The Benjamin

This building has been around since 1972, and was designed by Emergy Roth. Guests will enjoy a warm, intimate environment, since the hotel has a large focus on comfort- particularly those who need their sleep and can be provided with a sleep concierge who will offer a white-noise machine and bed-time snacks.

The dining room is headed by Geoffrey Zakarian- an acclaimed and experienced chef who will offer you delicious meals, and you can also use the hair salon, gym, spa, bistro, and bar during your stay.

Each guest can bring up to two pets with them, and the hotel has an outstanding Good Dog programme, meaning your pet will be welcomed with many different luxury products, for just $60. These include treats that have been approved by a vet, hygiene products, toys, plastic bags for those morning walks, a bed, a water bowl, and even a mini bar in the room with more treats.

The Soho Grand

This luxury hotel is located downtown in the middle of SoHo, and three floors are pet-friendly, including food, beds, and food bowls for your pet. Check out the two Great Dane statues on the way in, and you’ll see why there’s no size restriction on pets, extra charge for accommodation, and the hotel will even offer dog walking, grooming options, and a pet-specific menu.
Worried about Fido getting a little lonely? You can even be provided with a complimentary goldfish for your stay.

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