Party On!

If you’re in charge of organizing your next works party and you want to blow your colleagues away with the sheer awesomeness of the event, you will need to up your game. There was a time when putting a few nibbles out on a table, along with some prosecco and a cheap DJ were the height of sophistication for office parties, but that is no longer the case. You need to go the extra mile to give your workmates a good time and reward them for all the hard work they do, which means you need to make that party fabulous. Here are some neat ideas for doing just that:

Hire an Impressive Venue


First and foremost, you should look to hold your next works party outside of the workplace. You all spend enough time there that it doesn’t really seem like a special occasion to have a party in the same place you work. Instead, you should look for the swankiest, most impressive venue you can afford on your budget, and hold the event there. If your budget is really tight, hiring a tent, like the ones at Stunning Tents, and holding a big outdoor event could be ideal, and holding an event outdoors can make for a much more jovial atmosphere too.

Sort Out the Toilets

If you are going to have the party outdoors, you’ll need to think about the toilet facilities. Obviously, you’ll all be eating and drinking merrily, so you’ll need adequate toilet facilities for all, but port-a-loos aren’t very impressive. What you want is a luxury toilet, like the ones at Elegance Toilet Hire, which have been expertly designed to add a touch of glamour and elegance even in the smallest room. It might seem like an unnecessary thing, but hiring a quality toilet shows you’ve put a real effort into even the smallest details of the event.

Hire a Caterer


Making your own canapes and sandwiches might be cheaper, but it isn’t exactly going to wow your guests. What you really need to do is hire a great caterer who will be able to come up with a classy menu that everyone will rave about. Forget soggy sandwiches and sausage rolls and think smoked salmon, caviar, and lobster pasta. Buffets are so over!

Dazzle Them with the Decor

Whether you’re the party in a tent, five-star hotel or the office, you should always make the effort to dress up the décor at least a little bit. Fairy lights, candles, and decorations, depending on the tone of the event, will all bring an extra touch of glamor and whimsy to the occasion.

Hire a Band

If you want to really impress your co-workers, instead of just hiring a DJ or hooking up your iPod to the venue’s sound system, go that extra mile and hire a band. A live band sounds better, has much more interaction with the audience and is infinitely more impressive than other options, but you need to choose wisely, or you could find that they only have a very narrow appeal.

Hire a Photo Booth


If you’re throwing the best bash your workplace has ever seen, you want to document the occasion, right? So why not hire a photo booth for the evening? You’ll get plenty of pictures, and your guests will have so much fun popping into the booth for a few candid shots throughout the night.

What are your tips for throwing the best office bash of the century?

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