Places to Travel in France this Year

If you’re wondering if you should still travel to France this year, the answer is yes. There are so many things to see and places to go that it’s well worth the flight, and you’ll find that every time you visit you’ll get to see new and exciting things and meet new and interesting people.

France sees more tourist than anywhere else in the world, and tourists continue to visit year after year, to see the incredible scenery, stroll through some of the most impressive museums in the world and eat some of that famous French food. If you’re planning to begin your journey in Paris, you may need to think about getting airport transfers so you can get straight to your hotel instead of trying to navigate public transport and freshen up before going straight out to explore the city.

Here are some of the best places to travel in France this year:


The French Alps

If you’re a fan of the snow, head to the French Alps in winter when you’ll find plenty of other snow bunnies enjoying the challenge on the slopes. If you want to meet younger people looking to party, head to Chamoix or grab your camera and head up the Aiguille du Midi which is a cable car that boasts amazing views.


This entire area is packed with charming medieval villages and you can visit plenty of champagne cellars, some of which are centuries old. If you’re in Champagne it’s easy to get to Reims which has a cathedral where some of the most famous French kings were crowned. Another option is to hire a car and spend the day taking a nice road trip and soaking up the scenery.



If you’re heading to France, you shouldn’t skip Paris. Even if you’ve visited before, it’s likely that you’ll find new restaurants, shops, markets, and plenty of museums and tourist sites that you haven’t yet visited. Take a trip up the famous Eiffel Tower or enjoy a picnic at the bottom, spend some time strolling through the Louvre, and visit Notre Dame which has the most amazing stained glass windows, giving you perfect photo opportunities.

If you feel like skipping most of the tourist sites and having a low-key experience in Paris, consider spending some time grabbing a coffee in a cute cafe with a view of the Eiffel Tower or just wandering through some of the local markets.


Provence has an incredible coastline, and the incredible landscapes, food markets, lavender fields, hilltop villages and lavender fields make it the perfect place to go after the crowds of Paris, since the south of France doesn’t see quite as many tourists as the north.


Nice is an excellent place to go for people watching, and it’s not quite a budget destination due to the many rich and famous who like to visit, however you’ll find plenty of great hikes to do a little outside of Nice, and free performances to see in the city.

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