Putting The “Personal” In Personnel Putting The “Personal” In Personnel

A skill that is often overlooked in the workplace is the ability to communicate. I’m not referring to communication on a marketing level but on a personal level. Developing relationships with your co-workers or employees is often a task in itself. But if you want your business to develop and grow, then your workers need to develop and grow. The way to do this is to open up the communication channels. Integration on a business level results in a more productive company. Integration on a personal level results in a more happy company. How can this be achieved?


Have An Open Door Policy With Your Employees

An open door is what it is. It signifies approachability, empathy, and a common touch. When it comes to having a rapport with your fellow workers, it is one of the greatest tools you can have. In a work environment, there is nothing worse than having a problem that you need to discuss with your superior, only for you to be told that they don’t have the time or that your problem is made to feel insignificant. From the perspective of the employee, not only do they feel foolish, but they feel that they are unable to approach you for anything in the future.

If people in superior positions can bridge the gap between themselves and the people they employ, many dividers are removed. Some rare people say “my door is always open” and mean it. Say it like you mean it.


Active Listening

Part of having an open door policy is being active when being spoken to. The difference between leaders and people in charge is that leaders are present and “in the moment.” When people talked about having a conversation with Abraham Lincoln, they described how they felt that they were the only person there. His attention was focused solely on them, no matter how many other people were there to speak to him. It is a common trait with world leaders and presidents. Take a leaf out of their book. If they have time to listen and pay attention when they have a country to run, then you can when you’re running an office.

Work With The Worker

Give and take is the name of the game. When you’re on the hunt for human resource jobs, a key skill is to help workers perform at their best. HR step into the ring when a colleague is returning to work from a period of ill health, or if there are inter-staff problems. As their employer, you have a duty of care to them to make sure that they are fit to work. To achieve this, work with them. What can you offer them to make their transition back into work easier? Work with them, not against them.

Having key skills such as listening, compassion and empathy are what you need to build relationships in the workplace. Making sure that these skills are fundamental to you, to your colleagues and the business will go to serve your company well.

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