Raise The Roof And Have Some Fun

I know what you’re thinking but no, unfortunately this is not a Lionel Richie post! I mean I do have Endless Love for the guy but that’s Truly it. O.k. This could go on All Night Long. So I’ll stop and tell you what we are actually going to talk about; ways that you can improve your Brick House.


Right I’ve got that out of my system now…So you’ve tired a bit of your house. You are a bit bored with it if truth be have you. You’ve looked elsewhere at property but everything seems a bit out of your budget, so you’ve decided to go internal and make some much needed house renovations. You have some hidden savings locked up for this special day in the family safe and earmark the places you want to extend. Your living room’s too small but your patio is too big for your needs. What can you do about that? Well you decide to purchase your very own sun room which in turn makes the living room appear larger and brings much needed light into your dark, gloomy home. No need to have dinner in the dark whilst being cramped in the corner again. You’ve cracked it! Plus there’s the added benefit of looking down at your beautiful garden (which you need to sort out) in sheer peace and tranquility and not with ye olde English rain constantly lashing down on you.


Your sunroom is just the start of proceedings. You go the whole hog and decide to make some improvements on the top of the house too. It’s an Easy decision. The children are growing up quickly and do not want to share a bedroom any more. Plus Dad needs somewhere to store his mountain of collectable spare train parts anyway. You come to the conclusion that you’re in dire need of a loft. The builders come in and everything goes swimmingly. They work efficiently and effortlessly and bond with the whole family. At one point, while the loft roof is being altered, you’re literally Dancing On The Ceiling. I know. O.k. It’s a disease.

You Still want to do more (like my Lionel Richie puns) but for now take a breather. You can’t have more upheaval in your life just yet. Just take your time to bask in what you’ve done so far. Your house is like a whole different place. Out with the old and in with the new. Plus you’ve added a few thousand quid on to the whole house value (just in case the kids grow even faster). You show your new rooms to friends and family who are taken aback by how incredible they look. It’s been a long time in the making and they are delighted you’ve finally gone through with it! So here’s to a happy present as well as a present future. Cheers Say You Say Me! Enough.


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