Ready To Go Green?

I bet you thought that going green was difficult, didn’t you? Well, it isn’t and believe it or not there are lots of little things that you can do to make sure you’re living a greener life. Here are some of the best possibilities.

When In Rome

Or anywhere else in the world, make sure you are paying a little extra to compensate for your fuel usage. You can do this by paying an environmental company online. They’ll use any money you give to repair the environment caused by your flight.

Lights Out

You wouldn’t believe how much this would help the planet. If everyone in the world switched off appliances, lights, and gadgets when they weren’t in use, we’d all be using a lot less energy. The fact is that there’s no reason to leave your lights on if you’re not in the room. By taking a few moments to switch them off, you really could be helping the planet.

You can even get little time switches in your home that will cut the power automatically when it’s most likely to not be in use. This means if you ever head out to work and leave the lights on accidentally they’ll be off when you get in.

Recycle A Little

It’s so easy to recycle these days, but most people don’t. Take your old tech for instance. We bet you have a draw crammed full of old mobile phones and gadgets. What exactly is the point in this? We understand having one for backup, but there’s no need to keep hold of them all. Instead, you should recycle your mobile, and you can find all about how to do that below.

Infographic Created By My Trendy Phone

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