Reduce the Negative Effects of Bad Weather on Your Conservatory

You can enjoy the conservatory throughout the year regardless of the weather if you can regulate the room temperature. The conservatory is mainly made of glass roofing and windows; it can get either too hot or cold during bad weather. It can get unbearable to stay in there when it happens; the best way to reduce the negative effects of bad weather is to use long-term solutions. Short-term solutions will not be favourable for all weathers. These are some of the things you can do to prevent the negative side effects in your conservatory.

All Seasons Roof

Durable, insulated roofing solutions such as CosyPanels reduce bad weather effects in the conservatory. You will be able to enjoy the space regardless of whether it’s raining or sunny outside. The roofing is the main contributor to the room’s temperature change; it makes sense to have an insulated roof. That will regulate the temperatures and make the room habitable at all times; you will save the cost of adopting some temporary solutions in the hot or cold seasons. CosyPanels are made to fit your existing roof; you will not need to make any alterations to the room’s design. The roof insulation is a quick solution that lasts longer and will not require a lot of maintenance.

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Electric Heating Is an Option

You probably have a heating system installed in your home; connecting the conservatory is something to consider. It will require a professional and might take a few days, but it will come in handy on the unbearably cold days. The room will be conducive to stay during winter because the electric heating system will help regulate the temperature. You can turn off the heating system during hot days and also when you are not using the space to conserve energy and avoid high electricity bills. A portable electric heater can also warm up the room; they are easy to use and affordable.


A highly ventilated conservatory will minimise bad weather’s negative effects, especially hot weather. The room will remain cool because of air circulation; you will not be affected by the hot weather when you stay for long hours in the conservatory. Ventilation will control impunities in the room; the air inside may be more condensed and polluted than the air outside. There are many ways to ventilate, including opening windows and doors. When you want to use the room during hot days, make sure the windows and doors are wide open, you will create a more comfortable environment you can enjoy. Trapped air causes overheating; to lower the temperatures, find a way to ventilate the conservatory.


Glass makes a big part of the conservatory, and as you know, glass is not the best insulator. The glass you install on the windows, doors and roof should be more than an afterthought. The glazing option you choose will not match a brick wall, but it will help minimise bad weather’s negative effects. If you are using ordinary glazing in your conservatory, it’s time for an upgrade. There is a double and even triple glazing option you can upgrade to; it might be costly to replace all the glass windows and doors at once; you can upgrade gradually.


Weather is not all that predictable; it might be hot today and cold tomorrow. These are some of the ways you can ensure you enjoy your conservatory regardless of the weather. Controlling the temperatures creates a perfect environment; make sure it’s a lasting solution that you can afford and use it. You will have an all-weather conservatory which will be a great addition to your home.

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