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For some reason, in today’s society it’s almost seen as a crime to take five minutes, put your feet up and recharge your batteries. In some circles, the fact that you barely have time to eat let alone grab a cup of coffee with a friend because you’re so busy is something to be celebrated!


Just Breathe

It sounds like such as simple thing to do, after all, we breathe in and out every minute of the day without really noticing. Breathing techniques not only help to calm you down but are also idea ways to relax if you’ve got a spare five minutes. The Chinese use the Qigong method, as it helps clear your mind of mental chatter and allows you to focus on inhaling and exhaling. Simply breathe in to the count of five, don’t worry if it feels a little strange at first as you’ll get used to it, then hold it for five and then exhale, once again, for five. Repeat the exercise for around five minutes and you should feel much more relaxed than you did before.


Listen To Happy Music

There’s a time, and a place for listening to Adele’s soft, lilting voice as she sings about her failed relationships. Often, when relaxing, the best music to hear is tracks with happy, upbeat lyrics or even better those with no lyrics at all. Music can evoke powerful emotional responses, so it’s best that you listen to something you associate with positive, not negative feelings. Why not create a playlist of go-to happy or classical music for when you need to chill out.

Spotify even has a dedicated playlist of relaxation music so you can just sit back, pop your headphones in and enjoy.


Be Creative

Forget about that pile of paperwork on your desk and instead take a break to do something you love. Unless you’re up against a deadline, no one’s going to yell at you for taking time out. If you’re in the office, this could be as simple as reading a few pages of a novel during your lunch hour, going for a run between meetings or attending an early morning yoga session. At home your options are endless you could draw, dance, play a video game, have friends over, strum the guitar, play with your pet or get messy in the kitchen.


Have A Lavender Shower

Not everyone likes taking baths be it because they don’t like lying down in water, struggle to get in and out of the tub or feel that soaking in what’s essentially dirty water is gross. Instead, why not enjoy a relaxing, refreshing spray in a walk-in glass shower enclosure that’ll wake up both body and mind? There are so many organic and natural shower gels on the market, but if you’re really looking to relax and recharge then might we suggest a zesty, fruity scent that’ll pep you up nicely. Looking to unwind at the end of a long day? Lavender’s the perfect choice as it’ll help to put you in a sleepy, snoozy mood just make sure you turn the water off before you drop off!

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