Safe Employees = Good Employees

In any type of business, the employees are at the heart of what is achieved, what is aimed for and what sort of reputation a company has. Without employees, any company would not be running to the standard that it wants to – and in some cases, companies would actually fold, go bankrupt and cease to exist altogether. It is a fluid system, a company pays employees to do their jobs; the employees complete the jobs; employees get paid; the company benefits from the completed job in profit and reputation. The benefit of having good employees is paramount to any business out there. If the right employees are not hired then the company will not reach its potential – but if the correct employees are in place then the company will flourish and prosper. To enable employees to reach their capability, though, they need to feel appreciated, content and safe (in both their workplace and their actual role within the company).

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The safety of employees encompasses both physical aspects of safety and also enabling employees to feel safe within their jobs, with no fear of being laid off. Physical safety can include details such as removing any risk from the workplace such as hazards being removed – if employees are based in an office then all potential dangers should be removed. Any heavy objects which are loosely based on high units should be removed, as they could easily fall off and injure employees. If employees become injured, this can lead to lawsuits or the injured employee taking time off. When they return to work they may also feel unhappy about the incident that happened, and will feel less motivated to do work. However, if all risks are removed then your employees will feel extremely happy and will be able to rush from one part of the office to the next, eager to complete their work. If your company employs a lot of people, and it includes transportation or travel work, a way of allowing your employees to feel safe could be to invest in electronic logging devices – you will be able to keep an eye on employees whereabouts and they will know that if any risk was going to happen to them, they could easily contact you. It could be a good way for you to acknowledge the safety of a lot of employees with ease.

Employees also need to feel safe in their role. For example, they will need to feel appreciated and that you know how significant they are to the success of the company. You should not undermine employees in any way. If a job is not done to the best it could have been completed, instead of being harsh with an employee ask them what went wrong – and why – and offer them advice and guidance on how to rectify the problems so that next time they do a similar job, they will feel knowledgeable on how to complete the task properly, efficiently, and with ease. You should also remind them of good jobs they have done, to raise their self esteem.

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