Save Dollars By Driving With Green Tech

Going green isn’t all about saving the planet. You can also save yourself a lot of money by going eco-friendly. This especially applies to driving, which can be a huge expense for many people. Here are just a few gadgets now available on the market to reduce running costs for your road vehicle.

Electric vehicles

A drastic way of saving money is going electric. The price to purchase an electric car still isn’t cheap, but if you just need a simple vehicle to get around, it doesn’t cost much to buy a scooter. Electric vehicles are tax free and have reduced insurance rates. If you live in a city, you may even be able to make use of free charging points and free parking.

Car battery solar chargers

Car batteries can be a pain – especially in winter when they can naturally deplete over time if you’re not regularly running the engine. Solar chargers ensure that your car battery is always powered up. They’re especially useful for camper vans and caravans, in which you may need to use a lot more electricity, saving you having to constantly pay for a place to hook up.

Fuel saving apps

There are apps out there that can have you driving more smoothly and using up less revs. They measure your performance and can tell if you’re accelerating too hard or braking too harshly. Some can even tell you when to change gear. Modern cars generally have in built economy settings to help you drive better, however if you’ve got an old car (and such vehicles are more likely to churn through the fuel), such an app can come in use.


Nissan has produced an eco-pedal that can stop you accelerating too hard and burning up unnecessary fuel. The eco-pedal works by applying pressure against your foot when you press making it harder to slam on the gas pedal.

Eco car dehumidifier

The inside of a car can often get heavy condensation. This can lead to rust, mould and mildew that can damage the value of your car, as well as simply looking unpleasant. For this reason, a dehumidifier can come in handy. But rather than opting for an electric one, why not go completely green? Eco-friendly versions come in the form of bags and are much cheaper to buy, whilst being just as effective. Dehumidifers also have the dual bonus of being able to eliminate bad odours, acting as a natural air freshener.

Eco-wiper blades

For those wanting to go the extra mile when it comes green gadgets, the eco-wiper blade is worth a purchase. These blades are made of natural rubber with a bracket made out of robust steel to protect against damage. The economical part comes in the fact that they require less window washer fluid to get the job done.

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