Save pennies booking your holiday, so you can splash them abroad!

If you are planning on going on holiday this year, then there are some simple things that you can do in order to make significant savings. The money that you save by implementing a few tricks can be used as extra spending money to ensure your trip will be one to really remember.

Check out a few of the easiest things that you can do to get a great deal on your holiday:


1.    Rent a Holiday Home: Staying in hotels can quickly get expensive, from the room service to eating in the restaurant every meal time. It is often far more cost effective to stay in an apartment, flat or holiday home as you can cook for yourself. Companies such as offer great deals whereby locals rent out there homes to tourists. This is always cheaper and you don’t need to add tax on top of the cost of everything. In addition, you often find a few good local hangouts with information passed on by your hosts.

2.    Pick Good Travel Dates: If you don’t have children, then you aren’t committed to going on holiday at set times. This means there is no reason to have to go away during the summer holidays when prices are high. However, if you do have children then don’t despair! You can get good deals by booking your trip towards the end of the school holiday period. For example, you will get a better deal on flights and hotel at the end of August than at the beginning of the popular holiday month.

3.    Compare Prices: It is always important to compare prices before you commit to anything, as you never know if there is a better deal to be had elsewhere if you don’t look before you book. The internet is the best tool to use to compare prices and you will need to take your time to look to see what different companies are offering.


4.    Watch Out for Hidden Costs: Make sure you know exactly how much things will come to. For example, work out the cost of checking luggage as some airlines will charge more if you check a bag and always calculate the tax, as some airlines will only add the tax just before you pay.

5.    Save on Transport: When you visit somewhere abroad, you should walk around to explore the area and if you want to get transport, why not take a bus instead of paying for a taxi? For those of you who want to rent a car, look out for a cheap deal and try to rent a small diesel as these are often cheaper than larger, petrol cars.

These small tips can take you a long way when it comes to saving money on your holiday and the more money you can save on your flights and accommodation, the more money you will have to spend on fun things such as meals out and shopping. 

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