See The World Without Draining Your Bank Account

Have you got a burning desire to get out there and see the world? Maybe if you has been alive back in the day, you would have become a pirate on those tall ships? Or you might have joined the circus to get out and see the world. But happily, now you don’t have to do anything quite as extreme as this to travel the globe. In fact, you can backpack your way around this wonderful earth of ours, like so many others before you. You don’t even have to bankrupt yourself to do it either. To find out more keep reading.

Save before you go

The number one job you have to do before you start your great travel adventure is to collect a good stash of savings before you go. You really can never have too much money to go with, especially as you don’t have to lug it around with you now as there are such things as travel debit and credit cards. As well as those trusty, old traveler’s cheques.

Having a little nest egg means that if you have to change plans at the last minute, or you get yourself into some minor bother, you have enough money to bail yourself out. It also means that you have a while, at least, to enjoy yourself and get used to being on the road, before you have to start to worry about finding a job to pay your way.

Shed your possessions

Many people see traveling the world as akin to a spiritual experience. Where they learn to be more focused on the moment, instead of the material things that they have around them.

So a great way of getting a head start on this, and raising some extra cash for your trip, is to sell off some of your old possessions before you go.

For example is your car or more use to you sitting untaxed in your driveway, or could you put the money to better use on your adventures?

Yes, it might seem super scary to head off into the wild blue yonder with nothing but your dreams and a backpack, and no material possessions to come home to. But think how freeing it will be too!

Of course, you can always buy things as you need them when you return as well. It’s not like you will never have these items ever again!

Great deals on your flights

The next thing you need to do to see the world on a shoestring budget is to make sure that you get the best deal on your flights that you possibly can. Read up on when new flights are released and when they are put on sale.

Take the long road if necessarily, and but that I mean book yourself indirect flights. This is because the direct flights are usually way more expensive. So if you don’t mind a stopover to or two, and when you are traveling your schedule is definitely a little more relaxed, you can save yourself a fortune!

You should also get used to scanning online providers for the cheapest flights. Then you can use sites like DontPayFull to get a discount code to reduce the overall costs as well. Making it even cheaper and saving you mega bucks.

Work for your supper

Another fanatics way of seeing all the delights this world of ours has to offer is to combine your travel with working. This can be done pretty easily, and a lot of people make their way around the globe each year working in different places and doing different jobs.

There are plenty of things that you can do to make a buck or two while you are away from home. These include bartending. Which is a great way to meet people, and be in a social type atmosphere while still getting paid.

Teaching English as a foreign language is another popular choice. It is a fantastic way to see whether a teaching career is for you, and to share your skills with people from different cultures.

Or how about working a cruise ship? The hours are demanding, but you literally get ferried door to door to some of the most beautiful and exotic place on earth. Plus there’s a whole crew of people to get to know, as well as a seriously good social life.


Or if you are one for embracing technology how about becoming a digital nomad? This means that you continue to do you day to day job, whether this is blogging, programming or graphic design. But just from a remote location. You get paid for an honest day’s work, and in the evenings and on weekends you can go out and explore the particular place that you are visiting at that time.

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