Seven Decorating Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Decorating your house nicely can help add value to your home. To do this, you need to make sure you are not making any of the decorating faux pas that are listed below.

Buying cheap

The problem with buying cheap materials, furniture or decorations for your home is that you get what you pay for. I would go for quality over quantity every time. A room full of cheap items will look cheap. Whereas a room with a small selection of quality pieces will give a much better impression.


Being swayed by fashion

With all the interior design magazines available, it’s easy to be influenced by the current trends. However, you need to make sure that styles that you pick suit your taste and your lifestyle. There’s no point going for a minimalist white leather sofa if you have five kids and a bull dog. You won’t be able to keep it clean or tidy, so it will ruin the whole look that you are going for.

Clashing colours

Another major mistake when decorating is getting colors you that make the room look darker os that doesn’t go with each other. You can use bright colors, though, just make sure that they are employed in the right way. For example Juan Pablo Molyneux uses bright and opulent colors in his maximalist designs interior designs to great effect. If you’re going to use a bright or vibrant color in your home why not use it as an accent? Paint one wall that color and have the rest in neutral tones.



While there is nothing wrong with displaying your ornaments and collections,  you don’t want to want your home to end up looking like an episode of Hoarders! This means having a place for everything is very important and so is keeping things organized. If you do have collections to display,  pick some choice pieces and show 2 to 3 at a time.  You can rotate them periodically, which will help to update the room. This ensures you get to show off your pride and joy, whilst minimizing clutter.

Black-and-white photos

Black-and-white photos can look stylish; there seems to be a trend in recent years to cover your entire house with them. While this may be a lovely reminder of your relationships, I would limit these photos to only a few rooms. It can seem overwhelming and even boastful to have them in every room.


Wood chip wallpaper

One of the most terrible decorating mistakes you can make is to have woodchip wallpaper. Very popular in the 1980s woodchip is a textured wallpaper that is a nightmare to remove and to paint over. My advice is to bite the bullet and steam that paper off. Get some new paper up or keep it simple and paint the walls. It will look much more up-to-date.

Bad paint jobs

Lastly, when you’re painting your home make sure you get the right equipment so you can do a proper job. Paint rollers, masking tape, and cut in tools are all really useful to make sure that no trace of the old paint comes sneaking through.

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