Sex Up Your Bathroom With These Design Tips

The key to a great home is the bathroom. The bathroom is one room that you cannot avoid skimping out on because it affects the whole house. Everything might be perfect, but you will always have that nagging feeling in the back of your head. No one wants to spend their time in the bathroom counting the seconds until they can leave because they hate the room. You want to enjoy your time in the beautiful surroundings that you have created, and here’s how.


Install A Wet Room

Nothing looks better in a bathroom than tiles. Tiles are incredibly chic and streamlined, which makes the room look very contemporary. Plus, wet rooms are not common, and that adds to the look. Bathrooms that are unique or different are the best ones because they are the creative. When you look at your bathroom and see something different, you can’t help but enjoy the contrast. From a functional point of view, wet rooms are also a lot easier to clean and maintain, so you won’t spend ages on your knees with a toothbrush.

Focal Point

When you walk into the bathroom, you want your main features to stand out and to grab your attention. There are many ways to achieve this result, but the best one is to use your main fittings as a focal point. After all, they are usually the biggest items in the bathroom, so it makes a lot of sense. The shower tends to be the most popular choice, especially the ones with the big shower heads. They are that big that you cannot fail to notice them as soon as you walk through the door.



If you have the modern fixtures, you need the modern accessories to go with them. Otherwise, they look out of place and very strange. For example, a big shower head would not look good hanging on the wall over the bath. If you have a modern shower, you need a modern screen like a frameless shower screen. The same principle applies to every part of the bathroom, from the toilet roll holder to the color of the faucets. For the best results, make sure you consider every little detail before you make your final choice.


It is winter, and the bathroom is going to get cold. Tiles, especially, are not conducive to heat if they don’t have something heating them to make them warm. A warm bathroom is a sexy bathroom, so think about your heating options. Radiators are the usual choice, and they do a great job, but underground heating is even better. Although it is expensive, it is well worth the cost if you can afford the installation.



Talking about heating, the light of the room also adds to the heat. Rooms that have good lighting tend to feel warm and cozy, so go for dark, deep lights where possible. Also don’t forget that a light fixture is brilliant at making a room look bigger. For the best effect, use lights and mirrors together as the mirrors reflect the light to all areas of the room.

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