Simon Kronenfeld: What to Look for in Real Estate Project Management Tools

Over the past few years, the real estate market has been faced with a high degree of uncertainty. Many investors want to enter the market, but for both those wishing to buy a single investment property and those striving to purchase an entire block, the process can be overwhelming.

Simon Kronenfeld is someone with the ability to deal with the complex operations required when it comes to identifying the six things to look for when examining real estate project management tools.

  1. Issue Tracking

Issues will come up throughout the real estate process, and access to a tool that will be able to track topics, log problems, and check them off is crucial. A simple issue tracker is enough, especially if you can assign issues, rank priorities, and track the status of each case. Whether this is an add-on or a function within another project management tool, the importance of issue tracking must be addressed.

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  1. Reporting

A straightforward reporting method is an essential consideration when choosing a project management tool. Not all tools have the ability to generate comprehensive reports, but finding one that can identify bottlenecks and figure out a way around them is necessary for success.

  1. Custom Workflows

The ability to be flexible and build a workflow that will work for your specific project is essential for your real estate project management tools. A tool that will suit your team, the type of work you do, and most importantly, work for the exact work style you like to use for yourself is imperative.

  1. Task Management

You can’t expect to do it all as a project manager, but finding a tool that will help support your task management practices is among the most important tasks you can tackle. A great tool will allow you to assign roles and due dates and observe all of your progress.

  1. Schedule Notifications

When it comes to project management, notifications are a necessity. A great tool will provide customized notification settings for email, tasks, and project changes so that you can stay in the loop whether you are in the office or on the go.

  1. Integrations

A present-day project management tool must feature integration capabilities. Today’s top tools integrate with fire sharing, invoicing, messaging, and email services, either through Microsoft or G Suite tools.

For years, Simion Kronenfeld  has been working with real estate investors throughout Canada by using his understanding of the market to set himself up for success surrounding all his real estate investment goals.

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