Small Home Living: How To Make It Work

There are a lot of advantages to living in a small home. It costs less to run, for a start. Smaller homes are easy to clean, too. And, when it gets chilly during the winter months, they offer a level of cosiness you just can’t get in a mansion.

Despite this, many people struggle with the thought of living in a small home or apartment. But when money is tight, they have no option. With this in mind, we thought we would explore some of the ways you can make small home living a joy, and never a chore. Let’s take a closer look.

Be organised

First thing’s first, when you live in a small home or apartment, organisation is critical. You will need to get used to purging unwanted items and possessions on a regular basis. Otherwise, it is just too easy for your small spaces to clutter up and become a mess. It’s also a good idea to separate rooms into smaller zones. For example, if you don’t’ have a dining room, why not use half or a third of your living room to keep a dining table? Finally, look at your wardrobe and storage space. Think about how you can use every last inch, and plan your room very carefully.


As we mentioned above, you will need to spend a fair amount of time throwing things away when you stop using them. We appreciate this can be tough – perhaps you are a hoarder by nature. But the simple fact is there is little you can do if you don’t have the storage or space. You could consider renting external storage. As point out, it’s a safe way to keep your prized possessions. But whatever your decision, it’s vital to keep clutter to a minimum.

Double up

A small home tends to have a small floor space – which causes many people problems. But there is a lot of space that doesn’t get used in every home – the vertical space. There are plenty of things you can do, from hanging artwork higher than you would usually to installing book shelves up near your ceiling. You should look at your wardrobes, too, however. Installing a second rail in the middle of your wardrobe effectively doubles the volume of clothes you can keep. It’s the same principle for cupboards and cubby holes – can you make the most out of them?

Enjoy the benefits

Finally, enjoy the fact you are living in a small home. It’s neat, practical, and makes sense financially. And you are not alone. According to, more people than ever are choosing to live in small homes. And if you want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s a genuine opportunity to get started. You can save an extraordinary amount of money on bills, furniture costs, and cleaning. A smaller home will give you a chance of enjoying many more things in life.

Do you live in a small home or apartment? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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