Special Occasion? Here’s why Flowers make the Best Gift

We all know that our lives are more high-tech and fast-paced than ever, and while experts often suggest calming activities, exercise, mindfulness and other lifestyle changes so we can relieve stress, a study by the State University of New Jersey recently found flowers can help improve our emotional health by triggering happy emotions, heightening our feelings of satisfaction with our life and positively affecting our social behaviours.

Flowers are a great way to show appreciation or let someone know how you feel. Whether it’s your best friend after she’s had a baby, your significant other for Valentines Day, your mum for Mother’s Day or your sibling for their birthday.


Flowers can say many different things, and it’s important to choose the right type for the right occasion and person. For example, you typically wouldn’t choose sunflowers if you’re trying to say “My Condolences” and your sister may find it a bit weird if you give her romantic red roses for her birthday. A good florist can help you if you’re new to buying flowers or just don’t know which type of flowers are appropriate for which occasion.

There’s no better feeling than ordering someone flowers and waiting for them to be delivered. One good thing about flowers is that more and more women are now giving them to men as well, and brightening up their day (often with more “masculine” flowers).

Men are actually often chuffed when they receive flowers since it’s a great way to show that you care.

Flowers also don’t need to be reserved for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary and can instead be a great way to say congratulations if someone you know has passed a difficult test, graduated, received a promotion, become pregnant or simply just so you could see them smile.


And while flowers are great ways to celebrate success, achievements and special occasions, let’s not forget that life is full of ups and downs. As much as we highlight the good times, we’re often going to go through hard times as well, and when this happens to our friends and family members it can be difficult to know what to say. Sometimes you don’t need to say anything, and simply handing someone a bunch of beautiful flowers and giving them a long hug can say everything you need.

Many people argue against buying flowers for their loved ones, for a few common reasons. One of the main complaints is that flowers don’t last forever, but for many people this is what makes them so beautiful. After enjoying the sight and scent of the flowers, your loved ones can dry them between some pages in a book or simply enjoy the memory of them.

Another common reason against buying flowers is because they’re often considered “frivolous”. But while we live such busy and connected lives we sometimes forget to live in the moment, and flowers can help us do that.


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