Spring Time Guide for Refreshing Your Motocross Gear 

Most riders spend the winter hunkered down instead of enjoying their vehicle unless it’s specially equipped for snow and ice. If you haven’t taken your dirt bike or ATV out during the winter and it’s been sitting in storage, you may need to do a refresh on your equipment. Check out your motocross gear, such as carbon fiber dirt bike helmets and ATV tires, and see what needs to be replaced and what needs a good deep clean to get ready for the spring and summer riding season.

How To Keep Safe and Stylish on Your Dirt Bike

The key to getting the most out of your dirt bike or ATV is to have fun while looking stylish and staying safe. If you need to revamp your entire set of safety gear to reflect your style, make sure you also understand the safety features of each product.

The first step to having a successful spring and summer with an ATV or dirt bike is to get your vehicle serviced. If your vehicle has been in storage all winter, it may need a tune-up or an inspection by a professional before you take it out on the trails or the road again. A mechanic can carefully check out your vehicle’s systems including the brakes, suspension, engine and dirt bike tires.

Next, do an inventory of your current safety gear, including helmets, boots, gloves, pants and your jacket. Clean your gear off it hasn’t been touched in a while and check the fit to make sure it can still offer maximum protection.

Another part of a successful riding season is a riding skills refreshment. If you haven’t ridden a bike or an ATV in several months, you may need to do some practice spins around on a safety course before going full speed on a heavily trafficked trail.

When Should You Use Different Tires on Your Dirt Bike

After you’ve checked out your vehicle, your skills and your equipment, you may want to update or replace different parts of your bike to get a better riding experience. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your bike without adding a lot of cost is to get new tires. If you ride on different terrain, having different types of tires for each terrain or riding style is a great way to improve your bike’s function.

Riders who are new to the sport may only have one set of all-purpose tires that do well in most conditions. If you want to branch out to different types of courses, try equipping your bike with mud and sand dirt bike tires.

If you want to take your bike or ATV on a speed course, you may want to check out a hard terrain tire or a high-quality off-road tire. These tires offer riders more control and more excitement on the trails and courses. 

Get your bike or ATV ready for the warmer weather by updating your gear and getting your bike serviced. Add some new tires or other types of specialty equipment to have an exciting spring and summer of riding.

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