Stand Out From The Crowd With These Job Hunting Tips

Hunting down a new job can often feel like a bottomless pit of online searches, a ton of applications, tailor-made cover letters, and some very sweaty and stressful interviews. If you even get that far! Let’s look at some of the ways you can stand out from the crowd and make job hunting a little easier on yourself.

Your CV Layout

A tailor-made professional CV will stand out far more in a sea of resumes. And it shows that you care about presentation and have taken the time to create something smart. You would be amazed at how many CV’s come through the door with strange font, bad spelling, grammatical errors and odd wording. Take charge of your CV, and you are more likely to get an interview. Companies that employ expert CV writers are the best ones to contact if you want someone to create a CV for you that will make an impact.

Dress Well

It’s amazing how many people don’t think too much about what they should wear to an interview. Always dress professionally and smart even if the company is casual. These days you do not necessarily have to wear a suit, but always remain polished. And if it’s a young company try for stylish too!


Cut The Negativity

If you get to the interview stage, don’t make the mistake of saying anything negative about your previous employers. And don’t say anything negative about yourself either. Always put a positive spin on everything. For example, if you have been a stay-at-home mom for a few years you can say that in that time you have gained tight organizational skills, incredible patience and the best in multi-tasking skills. Always sell yourself and don’t be embarrassed about doing so. Employers want confident people working in their company. And sometimes it’s how you handle an interview that matters more than having all the necessary experience.

Don’t Mention Salary Expectations

Perhaps it shouldn’t be weird, but it is. And it’s a definite no-no to mention salary expectations in your first interview. If you are asked about salary requirements, simply give a ballpark figure. Or otherwise let them know that money is obviously important, but the perfect fit in a role is even more so. It may be that the job you have applied for has already stated salary and therefore there is no need to mention it at all. If you are later offered the job, that is your chance to negotiate on salary.

Send A Follow Up Email

If you have had an interview, it is perfectly fine and polite to send a follow-up email a couple of days later. All this needs to say was that it was pleasure coming in and that you enjoyed the process. This not only looks professional but may get your name to stick in the interviewer’s mind. Companies don’t just want the most qualified person for the job. They also want polite and kind people to work for them. Sometimes if the person fits, but they don’t have all the correct skills, a company is happy to give training. A good fit in personality is often just as important to an employer.

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