Stand Out Or Stand Down Online

There are literally millions of websites online, and many will be competing for the same users as  you. If your website doesn’t stand out, it could easily be lost in the shuffle. You don’t want that, so the question we need to think about here is what catches a user’s eye? What makes them keep reading and ensures that your website always has huge surges of traffic and a high volume of readers? Well, there are a few things that you should think about here.

Web Design

The first step is thinking about your website design. It doesn’t have to be completely unique, but it does need to be stylish. Hopefully, it will demonstrate what your website is, and it will create a brilliant first impression. To ensure that this is the case, you should speak to a web designer. They will be able to help you create a website that will dazzle users and guarantee they keep buying from your store or visiting your site.

Don’t forget that customers can be very fickle. The slightest issue with your site can turn them off completely. This is why you should be running A-B tests regularly. With an A-B test, you can run two versions of your site at the same time showing half the readers one version and half the other. Changing a small detail, you will be able to discover whether it has even a slight impact on sales or performance.


For content, it’s all about ensuring that it is fresh and original. Fresh content will guarantee that it impacts your search ranking and it may even cause more traffic to visit your site. By ensuring that all your content is original, you can guarantee that your site will stand out from the masses online that have been using reposted content to fill their site. Every piece of your content should be new and fresh. You don’t want any piece that looks exactly the same, and you can make sure they are different by using free stock images. Images are a great way to ensure your content looks colourful, vibrant and exciting.


We’ve already mentioned SEO a little when referring to content. Producing great articles and publishing them on your site could certainly impact your ranking. But you need to think about using other techniques as well such as adding links and keywords. That said, it’s important to remember that SEO should be subtle. If it impacts on the quality of your site, you may lose more users than you gain.


Lastly, you need to think about how you can use your site to interact with customers and clients. You can start by adding a few calls to actions. By referring directly to the customers or client, you should be able to seize their attention and get them to feel like you’re marketing directly to them. You might also want to consider giving them perks to signing up for weekly updates on your websites. For instance, you might offer money off your products or maybe even exclusive content, specifically for loyal clients. If you make customers feel special, you’ll certainly have their attention.

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