Start Earning Top Dollar in 2018

We live in competitive times and in an era that requires for you to start thinking strategically about money if you wish to become a top earner. Making money has always been hard, but in today’s world one needs to be well qualified and dedicated to the job at hand in order to start seeing high returns from their professions.

If making money is what drives you, the sky’s the limit and landing a career that could see you earning top dollar from 2018 won’t be difficult. Here are the top career choices for a money-oriented individual like you.


Banking and finance are two of the most popular sectors in which graduates choose to work. The challenges you will face becoming a banker are unlike no other and these will ensure your everyday work keeps being exciting and diverse. Aside from meeting individuals that are like-minded, you will be given the opportunity to thrive in an environment where employers will invest in your professional development. These will offer you great training opportunities that you will be able to take anywhere in the sector. Making top dollar is what you will be doing if you decide to embark on a career in banking and aside from your permanent high salary, you will also be able to rely on the attractive bonuses you will be awarded. This online mba finance will help you get started on planning your entry into banking.

1 Us Bank Note

App developer

This varied role involves designing, building and testing applications for online use. An exciting career if you are into technology and the benefits this might bring to the world population, this could be the industry of your choice if you wish to see your pockets full of the M word. More than twenty-five percent of Apple iOS platform developers earn over $5,000 per month, and this is something to consider when choosing to become a specialist in the field. If you would like to get noticed by the big companies, the best way to do so is by starting to develop your own app and in order for this to happen, it is important that you come up with a great idea for an app that will sweep people off their feet. Read this guide on how to get new app ideas.


The average US psychiatrist earns $182,600 a year, according to Forbes. This makes Psychiatry one of the top earning fields in America. Granted, this career choice comes with its own set of challenges, but which doesn’t? If you are passionate about people and would like to make a constructive difference to their lives, this could be your chance. Studying won’t be easy and you will have to complete a number of degrees before becoming a fully-qualified practitioner, but if you would like to set your mind to earning top dollar from 2018 onwards, this could be a brilliant start.

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