Stay, cruise, or both?

Cruises are huge news these days, and with lowering costs and all inclusive deals available to enjoy, with the chance to see several destinations within the space of a week or two, it’s not hard to see why more and more people are checking out a floating holiday resort. Having said that, many people are still on the fence about it, preferring the opportunity to explore one destination thoroughly and experience it to the max. With that in mind, maybe a cruise and stay break is the perfect middle ground?

You will no doubt have seen cruise and stay deals mainly for the USA, tending to be a week or so in Florida, usually Orlando or Miami, and then a Caribbean cruise for a few days or a week. This is the ideal answer to a try before you buy outlook on a cruise break, giving you the best of both worlds.


Giving yourself the best possible start to your break will mean you’re in a much freer state of mind when it comes to arriving in your first destination. A good way to cut out travel stress, whilst also saving money compared to the cost of expensive public transport, is to drive yourself to the airport, with great value deals available through Airparks. This is a go-to service for me regardless of whether I’m flying long haul or short haul, as I much prefer the convenience. If you are flying long haul however, combining your parking spot with a hotel is a good idea for extra rest. You’ll find hotels at most large UK airports, including options for Gatwick Airport hotels with parking included, which I’ve done on several occasions and would highly recommend. If you’re going to be enjoying two holiday destinations during one break, then extra rest is needed!

You don’t only have to head to the USA for a cruise and stay deal, as you will find many other destinations the world over which cater for the same kind of break. For example, you could arrange your own personal bespoke holiday, with a few days in Barcelona before heading off on a Mediterranean cruise – the end result is still the same! You could head to Oslo for a city break before embarking on a cruise of the Norwegian fjords; basically anywhere which is near to a leaving port for cruises is a good option.


So, if you’re a little on the fence about whether to head off on a cruise holiday, maybe a cruise and stay could help you decide for your next break, whist enjoying two wonderful experiences meanwhile.

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