Summer Skin: Keeping Safe, Healthy and Beautiful

Shockingly, it’s thought that almost half of people who live to age sixty-five will be diagnosed with a form of skin cancer at least once- meaning skin safety isn’t something to take lightly. While the survival rate is high when caught early, it still claims the lives of far too many and it’s often completely avoidable. As well as cancers, sun damage can steal your youthful looks and make you look far older than your years. Here are some of the best ways to protect against it, and keep your skin safe, healthy and beautiful.

Look Ultra Glam in a Floppy Hat and Oversized Sunnies

Not only does a floppy sun hat and oversized sunglasses look cute in the summer, but it will protect you from the sun too. The skin on the face (and especially around the eyes) is incredibly delicate and will age prematurely when damaged by UV rays. Keep your face shaded where possible if you’re worried about it looking paler than your body you could add a dab of fake tan or use a bronzer. A hat will also protect your hair too which is no bad thing. The sun can dry out your locks leaving it looking frazzled and feeling un-managable.


Find The Right SPF

Unlike the heavy, greasy and sticky formulations of years gone by- sun protection cream is now better than ever. You can get sprays which you mist onto your skin and absorb almost instantly. You can get ultra light, non-oily products designed for your face, you can even get it in roller ball form which distributes product evenly. Always go with the highest SPF you can find (for pale skin and children, factor 50 is always best) and if you’re going to be in the pool or in any kind of water make sure you have a waterproof formulation. If you’re going out for the day, a travel sized sun protection product that you can top up with if needed is essential. By doing so, you will maintain skin health, protecting against UV damage which causes premature aging, age spots, and even cancer.

Wear Long, Light Clothing

While protecting your skin with SPF is crucial, you could go a step further and cover your skin- particularly during the hottest part of the day. While wearing long sleeves might not sound the most appealing on a hot day, if you go with a light and breathable fabric you shouldn’t get too warm and you’ll prevent your skin from burning. Ideally, you’ll be in the shade or indoors when the sun is directly overhead since this is when it’s most damaging. But if you need to go out, protecting it is the way to go. Something like a light cotton kaftan would work well, these are bang on trend and are nice light pieces of clothing that you can easily slip on and off over swimwear or summer clothes as needed.


What steps do you take to ensure your skin is protected over the summer?

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