Sydney on a Shoestring

Sydney is renowned for being an expensive city. However, if you are planning on jetting off to this great Australian city, there are ways that you can dramatically lower costs to avoid blowing your budget. Here are just a few money-saving methods for visiting Sydney.

Time your flight right

The Christmas period and school holidays are the most expensive times to visit Sydney, if you can visit at another time you’ll save yourself a lot of money. Comparison sites can help you book cheap flights to Sydney in Australia. You can also save costs by breaking up your flight instead of going directly. Several foreign airlines can also be cheaper and still provide the same level of comfort (sometimes offering greater luxury).

Don’t stay in the city centre

Accommodation in the city centre will be pricey – by venturing a little further out you could cut costs. Sydney is a huge city so be careful going too far on the outskirts as transport will then add up costs. As with flights, you’re best off booking during non-busy periods.


Use public transport

Sydney is too large for walking around – especially if you want to see all the attractions. A MyMulti1 pass is ideal for allowing you to use all buses, ferries and trains in the inner city at your leisure. If you have one child under 16, make sure to make use of the Sunday Fun-day bargain deal, which allows the whole family to travel anywhere in Sydney for only $2.50 each. This train network even includes the Blue Mountains, saving you a great deal of money on a coach or mini-bus.

See the free attractions

There are some attractions in Sydney that you may want to save up for such as Taronga Zoo and the Sydney tower. It’s possible to get discount vouchers for these in city guides. Many of Sydney’s greatest sights and attraction are free. These include the beaches, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the historic Rocks streets and walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you’re not interested in seeing a show at the Sydney Opera House, you can also get up close and personal without having to spend any money. There are a number of free guided tours around the city for those that want to learn more about the history and culture. Some attractions such as the Art Gallery of NSW are also free.


Eat street food

Fine dining in Sydney is expensive – tourists are best off saving their cents by limiting restaurant trips. As with most cities, street food can be your cheapest option. The Asian food courts in Hunter Connection and Dixon Centre in Chinatown are two places where you buy food very affordably. Paddy’s Market at Haymarket is also well worth visiting for some cheap and cheerful lunch.

Inner city takeaway restaurants and supermarkets can be pricey, so try to avoid these. When booking hotels you may be able to find a bed-and-breakfast or buffet deal that can further save you money on food.

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