Take A Culinary Trip Around Europe with New Interactive

Europe has always been a popular choice for travellers, with an eclectic mix of destinations offering everything you could possibly want from a trip. Europe can offer beautiful climates, incredible beaches, history, shopping, country and city breaks and a wealth of other options for travellers all over the world.

One of the major draws of Europe however is the cuisine, from French pastries to Spanish tapas, the continent boasts some of the worlds most famous and popular dishes. Dig a little deeper however and you’ll also find some incredible regional delicacies you may not have heard of before, particularly from countries such as Greece, Portugal and Croatia, which boast some wonderful local dishes that will make you wonder how you’d never stumbled across them before.

On top the food, Europe also offers some of the most exquisite wine in the world, from internationally famous wine regions of France to beautiful Spanish and Italian wines, which are now growing in popularity worldwide.

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So if you can’t afford to travel across this beautiful and varied continent, you can get a genuine taste of Europe by indulging in some of the amazing local dishes and wines on offer, taking a culinary trip across some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

This is where a brand new interactive from Oliver’s Travels comes in, entitled the European Food and Wine Pairing guide.  Featuring the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Greece, this fluid and engaging graphic allows you to journey through Europe’s major cities taking in the regional specialties for each country, each one with a recommended wine to compliment the dish.

Not only will the guide help you learn about successful food and wine pairing, but it gives you the opportunity to discover new foods and wines from Europe’s most popular (and lesser known) tourist spots.

If you’re interesting in learning more about how to pair food and wine, you can also take advantage of a downloadable cheat sheet, which helps guide you through some of the top level food and wine matches for seven European countries.

So if you can’t quite stretch the travel budget to a European trip, why not let your taste buds take the journey for you this summer.

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