Tech gadgets for the whole house

It seems that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. You can give up much-needed sleep sweeping the floor, or sacrifice going to your kid’s game to cook dinner for a family gathering. Maybe you are overwhelmed by the cost of heating, cooling, or water. It doesn’t matter if you live in a large house or a tiny flat, costs for these items go up while your income remains the same.

Instead of giving up your personal time and most of your paycheck, why don’t you check out some great tech gadgets for help? Technology can make life at home easier and more efficient, so you will have more leisure time and dollars in your wallet. Here are some tech gadgets for the whole house.


Inside the house

Cutting utility bills will be easier in 2017. To save electricity, you can buy sockets for your lights that can be controlled remotely. Also, the original “clap on, clap off” product is still offered by New Easy. At New Easy, you can also find a solar-powered charger, so you can love the planet, save money, and keep all your mobile devices powered up.

A smart thermostat analyzes your energy use and adjusts accordingly, making it a great investment. The boxy air conditioner of old has been updated to be smart and affordable. Today’s window models can monitor your bills and budget, and develop a usage schedule. This adds up to savings for you, and you can run the box from an app.

Anyone looking to run everything more efficiently needs a personal digital assistant. Your assistant lets you control your smart gadgets. It will notify you about the weather and traffic, so you can plan your wardrobe and your commute. Some models act as search engines, and most work as speakers.

Everyone seems to have some sort of fitness tracker, but to make life even easier, you can get a scale that will tell you your body fat percentage and BMI. The information gets sent via Wi-Fi to your online tracker, so you can keep on top of your fitness goals. The scale can store data for up to eight people, so everyone in the family benefits.

Taking care of your pet while you are away is a breeze with a remote feeder. If you’re running behind in the morning, or you have to work late, you can simply dish up a serving for your pet with your mobile device.

Even if you live alone, at some point the dust will force out that vacuum. While it is not a difficult task, it can be time-consuming, and if you have allergies, it can spark some sneezes. That’s why it’s time to go robotic. Today’s robotic vacuums are compact but incredibly hard on dirt. The robots scan the room for objects and corners, and brushes make sure that no wall is missed.

For every cup of tea that you drink, you have to fill the kettle and wait. Or do you? How about an app that starts your kettle remotely and schedules when to start it? Imagine the luxury of starting the kettle on your way home from the bus stop so that it’s ready to go when you walk through the door. If you prefer coffee, there are coffee machines that you can control with your app.


Outside the house

The yard can eat up many of your available hours. Keeping track of watering and moving sprinkler systems is way too old school. You should check out systems that will run your sprinklers from an app. They tap into weather reports to prevent watering when it’s going to rain, which saves you money, and they save you from trekking out to the yard every hour during dry spells.

Security is important to everyone, but many security systems are pricey. Now, you can set up a system that will open your front door remotely, effectively guarding your home from unwanted intrusions. You decide who has the code to unlock the door, and as a time-saving bonus, you can unlock the door with a voice or app command. The security camera outside your house has also evolved. You can find options such as motion sensors, floodlights, and cloud storage to keep your family safe.

Technology is making life easier, cheaper, and safer. While these products have an initial investment, in the long run, you’ll get much more out of your leisure time. Start taking advantage of these gadgets in your home.






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