Technology: 5 Ways To Save Money Right Now

Now is a great time of year to start updating your electrical products. Whether you’ve been after a new TV, or you want to upgrade your PC, there are some great deals about. Here are some of the ways you can be saving money right now.


Upgrade your laptop

With the new school/university term about to start, there are some fantastic deals on laptops. Places like Currys are offering trade-in discounts, as well as offering you the chance to spread your repayments over a few months. This makes your next laptop even more affordable.

Turn up your TV

There are lots of great new TV shows to look forward to this autumn, so now is a great time to update your television and get the latest technology. You can find some great discount codes on sites such as, so buying a new TV can be cheaper than you think. With the introduction of 4K televisions, and with Amazon and Netflix bringing their shows out in 4K over the coming months, this is a very good time to get ahead of the trend.

Alcatel at Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona

Upgrade your mobile

If you’re due for a phone upgrade soon, then this is a great time to bag yourself a deal. Many of the mobile phone retailers are offering discounted contracts and even free gifts to take out a new plan with them. You could get cashback or even a shiny new tablet with your next deal. It pays to shop around when it’s time to upgrade as sometimes the best deal may be away from your current provider. Also look out for the iPhone 7 launching in the next month or so, as there will be some great discounts on older models.

Time to get smart

There are so many watches out there now which do so much more than tell the time. Some watches can track your fitness, notify you of text messages and even answer your phone calls. It all sounds pretty good from such a small device. Right now, there are some great discounts on these watches as newer models are constantly being launched. You can spend anything from about £20 for a basic fitness modeling watch to around £300 for a Samsung, or Apple watch that works with your mobile phone.

Get a hub

You can link all of your devices together with a smart hub, and you can also use it to control them. You could monitor cameras and receive alerts, and control anything that uses a wireless signal in your home. It’s ideal for when you’re away as you can lighting, so it looks lived-in. Or, if you’ve gone out and forgotten to turn the heating off, you can also turn it off. You can buy add-on products depending how much you want to monitor. These include motion sensors and power outlets which connect to the hub. This is the future of household management, as it can all be done from your smartphone. You can currently pick up a hub for less than £100.

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