The 2nd Leg: Avoiding The Mistakes Made The First Time You Bought A Home

Moving home is exciting no matter how many times you do it. Of course, there’s a lot of work to be done. But, this doesn’t take away from the joy and trepidation people feel when making this change in their life. Once you’ve gone through the process once; it’s easy to go through it again. But, this time, you want it to go perfectly. To help you out, this post will go through some of the important things to consider when moving to a new home.

To start off with, before you even look at new houses, you need to consider what is wrong with the current one. Start with the biggest problems, but still think about the small ones as well. Sometimes, you may be moving because you just need more space. In this case, you would also want to consider your growth in the future. Otherwise, you could end up buying a house that will be too small again later down the line. As well as these big problems, you need to think about the everyday annoyances that your current home presents. Avoiding these in your new home will make for a much better place to live. Once you know why you want to move, you can start thinking about new houses.

Your new house will be incredibly important. You don’t want to move somewhere with the same issues that you faced in your last home. For example, if you already dislike your commuting time, you shouldn’t move further away from work. This may mean having to be very picky. But, when you’re buying a house, it’s worth being picky. You ideally want to find the very best option for your current position. But, that isn’t everything that you need to consider.

You also need to think about the future when considering your new home. If you are to move somewhere new, you ideally want it to be the last place that you have to move to. Moving children over and over again can be very hard on them. So, it’s best to make sure that you think about the family you want to have in future. If you expect to have kids, you’d be best looking for a larger home, that’s close enough to schools. There may be other future considerations that you need to make. So, it’s worth thinking about this very deeply. New problems that form in the home could be hard to deal with if you’re not expecting them.

Paying for your new home is usually easier when you’re doing it the second time around. All of the money that you’ve paid on past mortgages will be able to go into the deposit on the new home. This means that your monthly payments could be much lower. The only issue that people have here is getting the money together for the down payment. Of course, you can’t use the money from the old house until it’s sold. But, you can’t sell it until you’ve moved somewhere new. Options like Enness bridging finance can cover this short period for you. Of course, as with any sort of loan, you have to pay back some interest. But, this shouldn’t be a problem if you play your cards right.

The move itself is a time that stumbles a lot of homeowners. Even when you’ve tackled it once, you will find new challenges when you try and do it again. So, you need to be very well prepared. Most people only have a day to do the bulk of their move. This means that you need to make a plan for the day, indicating what will happen, and when. Pack each room and make sure that you know how it’s all separated. Taking photos while doing this can really help when it comes to finding things later on.

You may also have to do some recruitment. Most people have plenty of friends or family who would be willing to help them with their move. The more hands you have; the easier the move will be. So, gathering a good group of people is a good idea. Make sure that you have jobs for everyone. But, don’t be too hard on your free labour. When people are doing you a favour, you should always pay them back with a good lunch!

Hopefully, this will help you get your second move off to a smooth start that lasts until the end. A challenge like a new home is usually overcome with time, most of all. You need to spend your time researching and planning before you take the plunge.

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