The Benefits of Dark Wood Flooring

Most of us prefer light shades for our home, with magnolia walls and white ceilings being a birth right in many houses! It’s no surprise that solid oak tends to be the best seller for floors, offering a warm welcome as well as going with so many different décor themes, there’s something to suit everyone! But what if we told you walnut wood is the new oak? Let’s have a look at some of the advantages…

Brings Proportions to Larger Spaces

Most of us could do with having more space in our homes. The only issue is when we are faced with a larger space, it can often look cold or empty. The best thing is that dark wood flooring can help bring proportion to those daunting larger spaces. This is because it absorbs light, helping the room feel more manageable.

brown and beige kitchen interior


This might not be something that you’ve thought of, but dark wood is actually a lot better to keep clean and maintain. This is something we all want! Most of us don’t get round to cleaning as much as we’d like to, so a flooring that helps us with this is ideal. The dark colour is great at hiding dirt- giving you that bit longer to get round to cleaning. Not only does this dark colour benefit with cleaning, but also gives it a longer lifespan as it doesn’t age as quickly!


Dark wood tends to provide a more elegant and classier look than lighter colours. It presents a rich and grand wood, perfect for those of you who want to insert a bit of traditional elegance into your home. A darker wood also shows off the wood’s natural grains knots better than a lighter floor, so great if you like a natural look too!

Less likely to fade

When you’re looking to splash out on wood flooring, you want to be sure that it’s going to retain its appearance for a decent amount of time. However, ensure that you get the most out of your flooring colour is actually more important than you might think. Well dark wood is much less likely to fade than a light one, so even better for durability!

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