The Benefits of Traveling By Bus in Europe

Europe is a wonderful place to travel and for many it is a right of passage after finishing high school or university. There are so many countries in a relatively small area of space, making it possible to cover a lot of different countries within a shorter space of time. Traveling by bus is a very popular way to travel throughout Europe and for many reasons, including:


1) It’s Cost Effective

Both flying and traveling by train are usually more expensive than traveling by bus. For many of us, our biggest concern when planning a trip is our budget; how can we stretch our money further and what choices can we make to ensure our trip doesn’t break the bank. One of the best ways to ensure your wallet stays well packed is to travel by bus – chances are you’ll save money when compared to flying or taking a train around Europe.

For a hilarious campaign about one of the best bus companies in Europe, check out this video below:

2) They Have WIFI

Okay, so not all buses have WIFI but if you do a little research there’s a good chance you can find a bus that has WIFI. ID BUS offers WIFI on their bus routes, which means that you can easily work – or browse the Internet while on the bus. It’s no secret that keeping busy when you’re traveling helps the time pass faster. With WIFI on the bus you can choose to spend your time productively working, or leisurely, and the trip will go faster than you expect!

Tip: It can be quite helpful using the WIFI on the bus to orientate yourself on the new location when you arrive. Check the details of your hotel or hostel in your phone’s maps and you will get a better idea of where you need to go.


3) Perfect For Those With a Fear Of Flying

While I personally have no problem with flying, my grandmother is terrified of planes, to the point where she will run up and down the aisles screaming. This is not a good look, but beyond that flying is a horrific and emotional activity that scares her enough to put a real damper on the holiday. For people like her, traveling by bus around Europe allows them to travel comfortably without feeling stressed or terrified – which is a pretty big thing.

4) No Airport Hassle

While I do like flying, especially for very very long haul flights, flying for short haul flights can be a bit annoying. Often airports are located a considerable distance from the center of the city, which means you have to spend time AND money getting to and from the airports. In direct contrast, bus stations, especially international bus stations, tend to be more centrally located. You also don’t have to check in hours in advance or worry about tight security measures.

I personally thoroughly enjoy traveling by bus when the opportunity presents itself. For short trips around Europe do you prefer to fly or bus? Let me know.

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