The Best Holiday Shoes

If you’re anything like me, despite your best intentions you struggle to pack light. My problem is I like to be prepared for any weather, occasion, or event, and while I often don’t use half of what I pack, I feel like I need to take plenty of stuff anyway.

If you’re going to be travelling soon, and you find it hard to pack light, you’ll enjoy these tips. Here are the best holiday shoes:



These are the shoes which you’ll probably spend the majority of your time wearing. My favourite are Havianas, and while it can take a while to break them in they become super comfy and can literally last for years. These are perfect for the beach or resort, and are also good for the shower if you’re staying in a hostel. If you’ll be walking around a city all day, however, you may want something a little more supportive.


I love sandals because they’re a step up from flip-flops, but still super comfy. These days you can buy some gorgeous sandals which look almost like heels but are flat, and they can either dress an outfit up or down. I like to take a slightly plain pair to go with everything, and one which is embellished and can be used for going out at night and walking down cobbled streets.



If you’re going to be doing some serious sightseeing, you’ll need comfortable shoes. Often we can underestimate exactly how much time we’ll spend walking on holiday, and the last thing you want is to end up with aching feet or blisters. Choose your most comfortable pair, and remember that just cause they’re functional doesn’t mean they have to be ugly, and a cute pair of Converse can look great and keep your feet feeling great as well.


Normally I’m not a fan of wedges, and much prefer a high heel, but after wearing a pair of my friends I’ve become a convert. They’re just so comfortable! These are another type of shoe which can look laid-back and relaxed during the day or dress an outfit up nicely at night. Choose colours you can mix and match with everything, or go crazy and let your shoes speak for themselves.


No matter where I travel, I always take at least one pair of heels. I’m definitely that girl who ends up walking around barefoot and holding my shoes, but for those few hours I look pretty cute! The best idea is to ensure they’re completely broken in before you wear them out, and try putting some of those squishy gel pads in the bottom so they’ll stay on your feet longer. Depending on your outfits, it’s usually best to go with a classic black or white heel, with a little embellishment.

Are you looking for the perfect shoes to take on your next holiday? Be sure to check out Shoetique which has a wide range to choose from. Don’t forget to break them in before you travel!

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