The Best Places to Travel if you Love to Walk

I love to walk while on holiday, and some of my best adventures have happened while on hikes or strolls around the world. If you love to walk while you travel as well, here are some of the best places to travel for people who love walking:

West Highland Way, Scotland

If you’re traveling to Scotland, you’re probably picturing a gentle amble amongst the ruins and green countryside. However, if you’re feeling like a nice long walk, try the West Highland Way which allows you to wander from Glasgow to Ben Nevis-the highest point in the UK. Be sure to take a camera as you’ll be passing Loch Lomond, plenty of pastoral lowlands, and even the beautiful Ronnoch on your way.


Mount Asahi, Japan

This is an easy to moderate hike through the Daisetsuzan National Park and into the volcanic wilderness area of Hakkaido. The hike can be done in 6-8 hours, so from the car park you’ll look out for the Beware of Bears Sign which is where the clearly marked trail starts. From the emergency hut (used in case of an eruption) it’s just a two hour climb up to the top of the summit, and you’ll get picturesque views of the national park underneath you.

Cava dIspica, Sicily

This is supposedly Sicily’s answer to the Grand Canyon, and the 13km long trail is between the towns of Ispica and Modica (be sure to try the chocolate). What’s interesting about this walk is the signs that the area has been continuously inhabited from who-knows-when (it’s thought there were people here int he neolithic times), to the mid-20ths century. You’ll see caves, ancient stairways, churches and tombs, so be sure to grab your walking shoes if you’re in the area.

Partnach Gorge, Germany

This is a cavern which is easy to visit, and located in the Bavarian Alps. The walkways allow people to visit the cavern throughout the year, which is excellent since the place really shines in winter when you can see giant icicles and other unusual ice formations. The path is an easy walk, however it’s narrow and on busy days you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with quite a few people. Once you’re finished in the cavern you can walk up to the cafe and cable car which can take you back down. Set aside four or five hours.


Vintgar Bled, Slovenia

Here you’ll find well-constructed walkways, wooden bridges, and the Radovna River. The gorgeous lake is surrounded by mountains, and you’ll also find the quiet Church of Assumption is also perched on the island. The whole walk from Bled to the gorge is 10km, and you’ll find a snack shop at the end where you can also see the best view of the Sum waterfall.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking or hiking on your next holiday, make sure you’ll be taking supportive walking boots with you.

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