The Best Stag/Hen Do Locations Around The World

So, you’ve been tasked with booking a friends stag do. Or maybe you’re doing your own. There are countless places out there in all manner of countries for you to choose from. Of course, the budget will be a limitation, but if you really want to make it a few nights to remember consider one of these locations. Remember, you can tailor your trips however you want to, to make them suitable for those going.  They can be as wild as you want. Here are a few places to get your creative juices flowing.

Las Vegas

Surely you have seen the hangover? Well, take the rohypnol out and it would have been pretty awesome. Vegas offers all kinds of things for you to do. You can see one of the many shows that really show you what America is all about, such as these at Vegas is also full of bars and clubs so you can really get your party on and give your soon to be married friend the send off they deserve. The casinos here also offer a big lure. You can win big and enjoy a night on the town or drown your sorrows, just remember to be careful, no one wants to lose all of their money before the night has really started. The ability to go to Vegas will really make for a memorable trip and is certainly worth your consideration.


Prague is a beautiful city which offers stunning architecture and most importantly, cheap beer and alcohol. You can really get your money’s worth here and enjoy what the city has to offer. Take a beer looking over the beautiful Vltava river and then enjoy one of the many nightclubs Prague has to offer. You can even book into one of the stunning restaurants such as the floating Marina beforehand. Prague can be enjoyed as part of a wider trip, or on its own.


If the heat is more your thing, then go for sunny Marbella. It has a lovely beach with some awesome water sports attached to it so you and your friends can really enjoy some jet skiing. Being able to top up on your tan before a night out in the chic bars on the strip is great and you can really make some new friends in this home from home which caters to all visitors. A two or three night stay is perfect in this sunny paradise.


Again, a great place. The traditional beer halls in Germany are amazing and none better than Berlin. You can dress up in traditional German gear before heading out to one of the great wooden beer halls where they serve their drinks by the stein, great heavy glasses which fit two or three pints of beer. The easy to navigate city provides some good pastimes and can really make for an interesting break away. If you are on a wider trip you can take in some of the other beer halls in wider Bavaria and even go and watch the super Bayern Munich football team play.


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