The Best Things About River Cruise

If you’re looking for a quick getaway to start off your new year, there’s a cruise for that. Cruise holidays have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with holidaymakers loving the combination of sightseeing with luxury accommodation. For curious holidaymakers who have yet to take the plunge, River cruises offer travellers to a trial to find their sea legs. With less chance of choppy waters and more ‘off the beaten track’ ports of call, it’s completely unique experience, offering the chance to see some of the hidden gems of Europe and Asia. Book with Cruise Deals or talk with their staff about their stunning European routes, sure to start your year in style.


Mini Break Style

River cruises are incredibly popular amongst novice cruisers for one reason – they’re short and sweet. For people with busy schedules or those who want to test their sea legs, river cruises offer a great compromise between the luxury of a cruise and a mini break away. Most river cruises have short durations, anywhere from three to five nights staying onboard, though you may need to add extra time to account for flights. Still, to spend a long weekend stopping off in maybe three different countries? It’s more exciting than most weekends off, and you still have the option to go to the on-board spa in between excursions.


Fewer Crowds

If you prefer to spend your holiday exclusively with your nearest and dearest, you needn’t worry about crowds and lines on a River cruise. Generally, River Cruise ships are much smaller than ocean liners, carrying 50-200 passengers in comparison to an Ocean liner’s thousands. The catch to this is the limited facilities, although fine dining, entertainment, and spa facilities are still around. But that said, once you’ve disembarked in Budapest, Hungary, free to explore the beautiful artwork, or explore the stunning gothic cathedrals of Linz in Austria, you won’t be missing the swimming pool.


Alternative Sights

There’s so much sightseeing to do on a River Cruise. For the price of one mini break you’ll get to explore three or five cities, each with their own marvellous cuisine and rich history. The weather might be chillier or more humid than a tropical Caribbean cruise, but there’s absolutely no chance of you getting bored. Many of Europe’s museums are cheap to enter, with reduced or free entry for students, and many great restaurants, bars, and cafes offer delicious regional dishes to sample while you rest. They may not be the national landmarks you see on a postcard, but there’s also no tourist traps.



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