The Best Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Home Quickly

When it comes to selling your home, most people have two primary goals: to achieve a quick turnaround, and to obtain the highest price possible. The motivation for the latter is obvious; the factors that drive the former more complicated. Although many of us would like to hold out for as much money as we can, costs start to mount the longer your house is on the market, and any delays can cause a complete meltdown in the chain of sale.

This means that selling your house quickly is imperative, yet short of listing it at a rock bottom price, most people have no idea of how to achieve this. Luckily, it’s not rocket science, and the factors that will help you to obtain your speedy sale will often help to drive up the price of your property too. To help you out, here are three top tips to start with…


Tip #1: Choose Your Estate Agent Carefully

Lots of sellers assume that the various high street estate agents all offer the same packages. There are a lot of well-known names that we immediately turn to, and often their prices are roughly the same. It’s important to realise, however, that these entities are not the only options available to you. Online estate agents like the House Network are developing a growing following, thanks to their competitive prices, record turnaround times, and fantastic service. Operating in a very different way to their more traditional counterparts, they’re a great starting place for sellers seeking a quick sale.


Tip #2: Price Your Home Realistically

Another tip for those seeking a speedy turnaround is to price your home realistically. Many sellers hold an ingrained yet inaccurate belief that in order to achieve the best possible price, they need to ask for more than they’re willing to accept. They imagine that this leaves some wiggle room, so that they still accomplish the price they want after negotiations, and their buyer comes away thinking that they’ve got a good deal.

This is entirely erroneous. By pricing your house unrealistically, all that you will do is frighten away potential buyers who believe that your property is out of their budget, and drag out the sales process. For a quicker turnaround, ask for the price you want, and if it’s realistic, you’ll often find that buyers accept it without haggling.


Tip #3: Make Your Property Ready to Move Into

One great piece of advice is to make your property appeal to people who want to complete the transaction as much as you. These people will be very unlikely to drag their feet, so they’re the type of buyer that you want to sell to. In order to lure them in, however, you need a property that’s ready and raring to go. To make sure that you have one to offer, perform any minor cosmetic repairs the home may need. Have the roof inspected by a reputable company like Albany roofers for any signs of leaks or structural damage. Apply a fresh coat of paint to doors, windows, and walls, and make your home picture perfect and ready to go at a moment’s notice.”

Improve your turnaround time today with these three top tips.

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