The Health Misconceptions That You Need to Steer Clear Of

Our world is full of unhealthy things, that much is of course true. But, our world is full of just as many misconceptions about our health that are only designed to striker fear in our hearts, and are not true at all. And, if you want to live both a healthy and a happy life, you should not pay any attention to these misconceptions whatsoever.

Fortunately, some of the most common health misconceptions that you should be steering well clear of can be found below.

It’s better to not know of an illness and hope it clears itself

The common misconception that warning signs of an illness should be ignored and the illness should be left to fix and clear itself is, quite frankly, absurd. Yes, it might be easier to not admit that there is a problem there. And yes, it might be less scary to pretend an illness doesn’t exist rather than making it real through a diagnosis. But, if you were to allow this to happen you would give your illness a far better chance of growing and worsening, and not getting better or clearing itself in the slightest.

An example of this can be found in the case of the hereditary disease, a disease that is passed down through family genes and genetics. Simply, it can be easier not to admit that you are in danger of being faced by a disease that has previous in your family and is more than likely going to be hereditary. In fact, it can still be easy to deny this disease’s existence even when you are experiencing symptoms brought out about by it. It can be easy to do these things simply because of how scary it can be to be diagnosed with such a disease. But, if you are active with any disease that you may feel you are in the firing line of and get tested and treated for it as soon and as early as possible, you will give yourself a far better chance of beating that you would if you left it to it’s own devices.

So, don’t ignore illness and hope that it clears itself — fight it!

Vaccines do more harm than good

Vaccines are one of the biggest talking points in the world of conspiracy theories, and the biggest reason for this is because they are accused at doing more harm than good to those that take them. But, as you can probably guess from the subject of this article: this is a misconception.

Vaccines, particularly the flu vaccine, are not as bad as some people make them out to be, seriously! By believing the conspiracy theorists and not having this vaccination, especially when you of an older generation, struggle with an ongoing illness such as asthma, it is the winter time or you spend a lot of time in the midst of the public, you would put yourself in so much danger. So, don’t believe the theories or the misconceptions regarding vaccines if you value your health or your life.

To be healthy, you can’t have any bad habits whatsoever

Everybody does at least one thing in their life that is bad for their health; without at least one thing, life would be boring. And it s okay to have this one thing, and it is okay to have more than one thing, too. Yes, to be healthy in life you don’t have to have a completely clean bill of health, you don’t have to do everything by the book. You can be a fitness fanatic and still consume alcohol. You can be someone that is conscious about their weight but still enjoys a bacon sandwich. The point is, the fact that we are told that if we want to be healthy we need to have no bad habits whatsoever is a misconception about health that needs to be ignored.

Of course, it is recommended to not have too many unhealthy and bad habits, and it is recommended not to indulge on the ones we do have! But, it is okay to treat yourself from time to time, and don’t you ever forget it.

When going on a health kick, you have to quit cold turkey

That being aid, it is still okay to cut bad habits from your life if you either don’t enjoy them anymore or feel that you need to cut them because they have too much of a hold on your life. Yes, it’s okay to go on a health kick, too.

However, many people will only see your new health kick as successful if they see results from day one. But, if you were to live by this mantra and take into account the wants of others, you would put yourself in danger. No, when it comes to cleaning up your health, you shouldn’t seek to see results straight away. You shouldn’t quit your unhealthy life cold turkey. No, you should quit it gradually and at your own pace — only when you do that will you both be able to actually do it, and do it in as healthy a way as possible.

For instance, when trying to cut down on your consumption of alcohol, you shouldn’t seek to have ‘one last drink’ and then expect to see this bad habit cut from your life altogether. No, by doing this you would make yourself far more likely to in fact carry on drinking, and the fact that you are seeking to stop yourself from doing so might even make you feel more inclined to actually do so. It’s funny how the human brain works, isn’t it? So, when seeking to go on a health kick and cut down on your drinking habits, that’s exactly what you should do: cut down. You should gradually cut down on your visits to the pub or club week by week. You should cut down on your weekly intake of booze at home. Basically, you should have one less drink or drinking session each week until you feel comfortable and confident enough to refuse a drink altogether.

And, in regards to alcohol’s cousin in the world of unhealthy vices, smoking, you should take the same approach. Simply, that ‘one last cigarette’ is never actually the last one — no, you need to cut down gradually and never attempt this venture cold turkey. Again, this could mean gradually cutting down on your cigarette intake one cigarette at a time until you feel confident enough in yourself to be able to refuse one when it is offered to you. Or, this means switching from cigarettes to another, healthier smoking alternative altogether; this could mean getting yourself a vape from Vapeshop and using that to get your smoking fix instead. By doing so you, one, won’t damage your body as much as you would if you were smoking cigs, and two, give yourself a better chance to ween yourself from the smoking life altogether.

You see, there is no need to quit your bad habits cold turkey in order to start your health kick, no matter what anybody says. So, bare this in mind and be realistic when it comes to any health kick you might start in the new year.

In order to be healthy you need to drink eight glasses of water a day

Yes, of course water has it’s healthy benefits — would it even be drank if it didn’t? In face, it has many health benefits. It helps our skin stay healthy and glowing. it helps our kidneys do the job they need to do to, well, keep us alive. And it does a whole host of other things. Yes, water is good for us, there is no denying that. But, we certainly do not need to drink eight glasses of it a day in order to take advantage of this healthiness!

You see, our bodies aren’t as water dependent as you think: they self-regulate fluids all by themselves. What this means is that, no you do not have to go out of your way to drink lots of water each day, especially not the widely ‘recommended’ eight glasses of it. No, one or two glasses a day will do! In fact, drinking too much water can actually do more harm than good, and it would be healthy to bare this in mind.

The common health misconceptions that circulate our world are out there with the best intentions, there is denying that. But, these misconceptions, when followed, can actually end up doing more harm than good. So, just be careful with what you believe or choose to believe about your health, and don’t be too quick to believe everything that you see or hear. And, remember that the best way to be healthy is to just be you: listen to your body and judge what you can and cannot do accordingly from there. Everybody and every body is different and both needs different things and can do different things in life, and this should never be forgotten.

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