The Home Health Tips Everyone Forgets About

In a world ruled by Millennials, there can be no healthy home with a fitness tracker. In fact, it is a common assumption that if you want to create a healthy lifestyle, you need to invest in a wearable activity tracker that is designed to count steps, calories and distance. But it would be a mistake to consider that wearable tech is a healthy improvement of your life. In reality, they encourage a form of obsessive monitoring in order to achieve their slimness goal. Unfortunately, fitness trackers tend to promote eating disorder behaviors, and consequently, they become counterproductive. In fact, improving your health habits starts directly at home.

What to put in your pantry

Did you know that more and more individuals struggle with high blood pressure, as a result of unhealthy diets and stressful work/life balance? While you may not be able to address the work/life balance issues, you can certainly ensure that your kitchen doesn’t contain any harmful food for your condition. Sugary foods and drinks, such as pop drinks and sweets are empty calories that lead to weight gain without fueling your body. Similarly, alcohol can also increase weight gain tendencies while raising your blood pressure. As a rule of the thumb, you should avoid any processed foods and foods that are high in fat and sodium.

Purify the air indoors

Germany is not a healthy country by chance. Every day, Germans ventilate their home by opening all windows for one hour, which results in air ventilation and a diminution of the risks of indoor air pollution. It can be a habit that is difficult to adopt in urban areas, but you can ensure a regular air circulation through extractor fans. They will also avoid the formation of mold patches in humid rooms – such as the kitchen and the bathroom for instance.

Sleep well, live well

You need to start every day feeling rested and strong, and that’s exactly why the quality of your sleep is crucial. Poor sleep can lead to concentration issues, cognitive troubles, back and neck pains, without mentioning tiredness, and irritability. Additionally, your body also needs to rest to maintain its functions. Consequently, the design of the ideal bedroom has never been more important for your health. You may not be an adept of the Feng Shui philosophy, but the recommendations to improve the quality of your bedroom are designed to create a functional and relaxing room.

Rethink your trendy wardrobe

Finally, you may be surprised to know that the content of your wardrobe might be causing your health troubles. Indeed, tight clothes are unhealthy as they affect the return blood flow and it can increase the risk of varicose veins. In fact, according to a study, it’s likely the tight clothes might be responsible for up to 31% of the varicose veins in the female population. Additionally, one of the common enemies of women, even slim and fit ones, is called cellulite. But what they don’t know is that wearing tight clothes can facilitate the development of fat nodules in the thighs, regardless of your BMI.

From your kitchen cupboard to your wardrobe, your health hides in the oddest places at home. Are you ready to improve your health at home?

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