The Life Of The Irish: Reasons To Visit Ireland

If you’re a fan of fantasy and magic, you won’t get much closer to the real thing than by planning a vacation in Ireland. Ireland is beloved worldwide as an enchanting land where legend and reality mingle. Fans of the TV show, Game of Thrones, will know that most of The North is filmed in Belfast, but did you know parts of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were filmed at the Cliffs of Moher? This is all a testament to the magical landscapes of the country.

So what are you waiting for? Ireland is great value for money with its cheap food and accommodation, the coastline is breathtaking, and the locals are friendly. Whether you go for the vistas, the pubs or the lore, Ireland is a must-see for everyone. What will you do first?

Conquer all the castles, if you can

Ireland has enough castles to fill every former kingdom (about 340 in total), that it’s no wonder many medieval fantasy shows chose it as their location. Some must-see castles include Cahir Castle in county Tipperary, Blarney Castle in county Cork, and Kilkenny Castle above the River Nore, which is one of the most visited historical sites in all of Ireland. Spend a day and pretend you are a wise wizard on your way to an important meeting with the king. Or just enjoy the views.

Pubs and breweries

The Irish have a reputation for being enthusiastic drinkers, and we happily join them in this tradition every St Patrick’s Day. Every small town and large city in Ireland has a bar or local pub where all the locals go to relax after a long day. Every single one of them will give visitors a warm welcome. They’re happy to sit and chat with you, recommend some places to check out during your visit, and are always up for getting drunk with you. Just be warned; the more they drink, the heavier their accent becomes. Try your best to avoid any accidents, but you can always find Information in Ireland if you manage to injure yourself.

Foodie’s paradise

Ireland’s most famous dairy produce, their cheese, has recently gained attention on a more global scale. Nothing will beat sampling some from the source. Every region has its own specialty, but we hear that they’re all worth a nibble. Try Ardrahan and Gubbeen, both semi-soft cow’s milk cheeses from Cork, or any of the cheeses from Knockdrinna of Kilkenny. Pair this delicious cheese with the famous Irish bread rolls, Blaa. Traditionally, you’d eat them at breakfast with a slathering of butter, but they would be perfect with Irish cheese, or even as the base of a sandwich.

Home of Guinness

If you celebrate St Patrick’s Day every year, nothing will be more exciting than visiting the origin of Ireland’s most famous brew; the Guinness Storehouse. Over 1 million visitors flock to the Storehouse in Dublin every year, and get first-hand experience of pulling pints. They even get to sample the final product.


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