The major advantages of winter sun

There is much to be said for year-around travel. When the clouds seem permanently black, daylight is at a premium, and the effects of winter seep into daily life, you could be totally forgiven for thinking about far away shores and seemingly endless sunlight. This is why I totally advocate the idea of heading off for a spot of winter sun!

I think that winter holidays are just as important as summer breaks, so if you find yourself looking out of the window and wondering where the sunlight went, maybe this is your cue to be searching for a little getaway of your own.


Before we get too ahead of ourselves, there are a few things we have to bear in mind with winter breaks, and that is the potential for upset with adverse weather, and the possibility of having to fly indirect. Both of these are tiny possibilities, and you can always keep ahead of any potential delays or problems by checking your flight details online, with a flight tracker, I checked my Ryanair flight well in advance, and made some savings on airport parking in the process! This means you’re informed of any potential problems, and more often than not, there aren’t any!

It’s important to remember to book your travel insurance policy, just as you would for a summer break, and perhaps more importantly, especially if you’re thinking of heading off skiing or to take part in another winter sport. Check with your company that the policy covers you for such activities, and always remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions. The price of insurance will rise slightly with age, but that’s not an excuse to avoid it, because there are still some great value policies for over 65s travel insurance, and all it takes is an online search.


Once you get over the potential stumbling blocks, the outlook is very bright indeed, and there are countless destinations to consider when you’re craving a bit of warm winter sun. The Canary Islands are always going to be popular, because they’re not that far away, and are temperate all year around. If you fancy going a little further afield, how about Egypt, and the snorkelling opportunities of Sharm el Sheik? Alternatively, you could head over to the Caribbean and totally chill yourself out, or maybe The Gambia, or Kenya on safari. The options are endless, and totally depend on your preference.

There is no need to sit and be glum at the idea of a seemingly endless winter, break it up with a winter holiday, and reap all the benefits of that glittering sun!

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